Author: Pete Hamill

  • Paul Castellano Hit: Capo Loses Mob Primary

    After all the pictures were taken and Paul Castellano’s cigar butt had been re­trieved by the cops and someone had found a piece of his skull the size of a half dollar lying near the entrance of Sparks Steak House; after the bodies of Castel­lano and Thomas Bilotti had been carted away, and the big […]

  • A Farewell to Machismo

    1975 Village Voice article by Pete Hamill about the discontents of machismo

    Yeah, the Kid is his name And he’s too tough tuh tame, He’s the fastest, the meanest, the best! Jist blam! blam! blam! And he don’t give a damn! He’s the Savior of the West! He’s the Savior of the West! — Robert Coover, “The Kid,” 1970 For me, the Kid was machismo, and he’s […]

  • The Sylvester Stallone Story: ‘Rocky’ KOs Movie Biz

    INTERIOR HOLLYWOOD OFFICE DAY — THE PRESENT We are very tight on the sensual face of a young man. His mouth alternately curls, sneers, pulls tight in a grin as he talks. His dark eyes glitter, go distant in repose, grow old as tombs in the young face. Sometimes the face freezes, as if poised […]

  • White Line Fever

    1986_Village Voice article by Pete Hamill about cocaine corrupting Miami

    I. PROLOGUE Miami is one of those cities with its own peculiar odor and you smell it most distinctly during the hours before dawn. There is salt in the air, of course, a nod to the abiding presence of the southern sea. But on certain nights when a desultory breeze blows east from the Everglades, […]

  • Donald Manes: End of the Road

    I used to see him around town in the days when covering New York politics was still gaudy fun. “Hi … Donald Ma­nes,” he would say, offering a thick hand, an uncertain smile. He told you his name each time he met you, as if he could not bear the hurt of your failure to […]

  • The Spirit Strikes Back

    The Spirit Strikes Back There was only one great comic book in the ’40s and ’50s, the days when comic books were in their first muscular prime. It was set in a place called Central City, which was obviously New York, and it was filled with darkness. Great dark Gregg Toland shadows, men standing in […]

  • Requiem for a City: Mexico’s Impending Earthquake

    For days, the sirens never stopped. The ambulances came screaming down the Paseo de la Reforma, the sound preceded by cars packed with young men waving red flags, honking horns, demanding passage. The ambulances went by in a rush. And then more came from the other direction, cutting across town on Insurgentes, grinding gears at […]

  • Farewell to Fosse

    1987 Village Voice article by Pete Hamill about director and choreographer Bob Fosse

    Fosse was dead and after the urgent calls and the logistics of death, there seemed nothing really to do about it except go for a walk along Broadway in the midnight rain. This was the square mile of the earth Bob Fosse cared for more than any other. Up there on the second floor at […]

  • Bernhard Goetz: Notes From Underground

    1987 Village Voice article by Pete Hamill about Bernie Goetz and the subway shooting

    The slow and tedious processes of justice brought Bernhard Hugo Goetz last week to a fifth-floor courtroom at 111 Centre Street and there, at least, the poor man was safe. Out in the great scary city, the demons of his imagination roamed freely; across the street, many of them were locked away in the cages […]

  • America in the Eye of the Telescope Site

    In Transit LOS ANGELES — At the long rented tables inside the door of Kennedy-for-President head­quarters, three middle-aged lad­ies wearing Kennedy hats were selling bumper stickers and post­ers. It was the afternoon after Nebraska and you arrived ex­pecting elation, perhaps even eu­phoria; instead the three middle­-aged ladies sat there rather­ glumly, staring out at the […]