Author: Pablo Guzman

  • Black Music, American Music: From the Slave Ship to the World

    The music of the true American majority is rhythm n’ blues. Whether it’s called rock, soul, funk, blues, salsa, gos­pel, jazz, or reggae, it’s all about the same thing. Black mu­sic. This continuum which embraces such a rich diversity of styles has come to us from across the generations bounded only by one common fact: […]

  • Ray Barretto, 1929–2006

    When I got the news that Ray Barretto had been taken from us February 17, I cried. And then I went back to the music. And listened. Something Ray always used to teach young bloods like me. “Open your ears, man,” he’d say, but he wasn’t just talking about music. “You think you know. You […]