Author: Nina Lalli

  • Top Chef Hung Huynh to Cook Kosher

    Hung Huynh, perhaps our favorite Top Chef contestant ever, and, in case you’re living under a rock or something, last season’s winner, will be cooking Kosher food for the month of March. Solo, a fancy Kosher spot in the Sony Building on Madison Avenue, has enlisted Hung’s services as a guest chef. The full press […]

  • Yes We Can: Obama Pride, Through Kicks

    The brand new blog A little Honey has come across some awesome customized Obama Air Force One low-top sneakers. “Oh wow” is really all that can be said.

  • Chowhound Dave Cook’s Last Road to Singapore

    Devoted readers of learn to look out for certain authors—as democratic as it is, and as wonderful as that is, you can’t trust just anyone. For outer-borough eating especially, Dave Cook is one of the hounds we look to. His thoroughness as an eater is well-documented on his blog, Eating in Translation. Cook, who […]

  • Extended Cubano Voting!

    EfV Headquarters were hit with some gnarly pipe-related structural damage yesterday, and we apologize for going missing as a result. We have decided to give you all a little more time to vote for New York’s best cuban sandwich. Take the weekend to entertain Thomas Vicari’s challenge and sample the Casa Havana version, or just […]

  • Barney’s Warehouse Madness has Begun

    Rather than Valentine’s Day, which is lame no matter where you stand on the spectrum of involved-ness, let’s think of today as Barney’s Warehouse Sale Day. Yes, folks, it has begun, and we will drink to that, but let’s not lose our heads. Racked has a report from the front-lines this morning, (actually, they have […]

  • New Seafood Shack Comes to Bed-Stuy

    A block down from a fish n’ chips shack on Nostrand Avenue that’s been closed for months, a new, family-run seafood/soul food take-out spot opened about a month ago to fill the void. EfV decided to look past the pun-y name, “71.Ate,” and sample the fried whiting and chips. After a good dose of salt, […]

  • Fashion Week Recap: Toilet Paper Huge at Sean John

    Photo courtesy MAO If you’ve ever attended the shows at Fashion Week, you know that reading Lynn Yaeger’s diary about that experience is a lot more fun that partaking in it first-hand. This time around, Yaeger gets distracted by Forever 21, dissed by Diane Von Furstenberg, sees a boob at Betsey Johnson’s show, and witnesses […]

  • Our Man Sietsema: ‘(Gasp!) Balsamic Vinegar’

    Our Man has brought us another gastronomic history lesson this week, and a review of First Oasis, a restaurant that “reflects [the Middle Eastern] culinary diaspora is First Oasis on Fourth Avenue, which offers a slightly different (and maybe more assimilated) take on Syrian food than the excellent, more traditional Damascus Gate.” At First Oasis, […]

  • Getting Out the Cubano Vote

    Havana Chelsea’s Cubano was widely adored, but it is no more. Time is running out to exercise your right to vote in EfV’s Cubano contest. The polls close on Thursday night, so drop us an email ( or comment below and tell us where you satisfy your Cuban sandwich cravings now that so many favorite […]

  • How to Make Coffee at Home, From an Expert

    Ever since we met Dan Griffin, the manager/consultant/director of coffee at Williamsburg’s new, super serious coffee-shop, El Beit, where I sampled their delicious coffee, my own morning mug has seemed lacking. So I got Mr. Griffin to give a few pointers, for us common folk who may not have access to the $11,000 machine he […]

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