Author: Nat Hentoff

  • Rudy Giuliani, the Tin Man Who Would Be Mayor

    His eyes are hot and his mouth is cold. —Murray Kempton on Rudolph Giuliani, Newsday, September 14 While he was at the crest of his glowing tenure as United States attorney for the Southern Dis­trict of New York, Rudolph Giuliani came to the Voice. I’ve never seen the conference room packed so tightly with reporters and […]

  • Cuomo Rising: Will New York’s Great Smart Hope Run for Mayor?

    The following is a reprint of an article that appeared in the the April 18, 1977 edition of the Village Voice, as Mario Cuomo was campaigning for Mayor of New York City. He lost the race to Ed Koch. At Hopper’s, a jazz spa on lower Sixth Avenue, I ask Bella Abzug to free associate. […]

  • Mario Cuomo: The Candidate Almost Nobody Knows

    The following is a reprint of an article that appeared in the September 14, 1982 edition of the Village Voice, as Mario Cuomo was campaigning for New York state governor. After defeating Ed Koch in the democratic primary, Cuomo won the November 5 general election, winning 50.91 percent of the vote, compared to 47.48 percent […]

  • The Voice Lives!

    There has been a recent media rush proclaiming that the Voice is dying as evidenced by a diminishing staff. In some of these death notices, my having been fired (the euphemism is “laid off”) after 50 years is meant to be hard proof of the imminent departure of the newspaper: “When Nat Hentoff Left . […]

  • The Next Mayor: An NYPD Still Outside the Law?

    On June 13, 24 City Councilmembers—11 votes short of a veto-proof majority—voted for a bill that would create an inspector general to monitor this city’s police department. As of this writing, as I expected, the bill remains immobile. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly’s most ardent fan, Mayor Bloomberg, scoffed at such brazen ignorance: “This is the […]

  • NYU Censors Its Arabian Campus

    I’m a longtime Greenwich Village resident, having been first attracted by its legacy of free expression. Where else could I hang out at the White Horse Tavern where the Clancy Brothers sang of Irish rebellion against the king and where, as soon as I got to the bar, I got into arguments about what I’d […]

  • Educator of the Year—and Beyond

    During the 12 years Randi Weingarten was president of the United Federation of Teachers, I often battled with her in these pages. But when she was promoted in 2008 to be the head of the national American Federation of Teachers, she gave an acceptance speech that—as I told her in our first friendly conversation—surprised and […]

  • Will Mayor Ray Kelly Watch Over Us?

    Our all-seeing police commissioner denies that he desires to succeed his biggest fan, Michael Bloomberg. But an April 23 New York Post report, “GOP Greases Wheels for Mayor Run by Ray,” tells a more believable story: “Top city and state Republicans, backed by some of Manhattan’s wealthiest financiers” are happily doing the groundwork for a […]

  • Governor Cuomo Joins the Lawless Kelly-Bloomberg Gang

    As a New Yorker since 1953, I’ve never witnessed—even under the imperious Mayor Rudolph Giuliani—such wide-ranging attacks on New Yorkers’ fundamental constitutional personal liberties as those by our current police commissioner and mayor. This nation’s Paul Revere of protecting civil liberties, John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute, asks if New York City is now “the […]

  • The Constitution Versus Ray Kelly

    Our police commissioner and his chief cheerleader, the mayor, have forgotten or never learned that the Constitution would not have been allowed to work until the Bill of Rights (the first 10 amendments, introduced by James Madison) were added. These guaranteed that the new Americans’ personal constitutional liberties would be protected from abuses by a […]

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