Author: Mike Powell

  • tUnE-yArDs Raises Her Voice

    The first voice you hear on w h o k i l l is an old woman’s: “Ladies and gentlemen, Merrill is . . . performing at the . . . ,” she says, stumbling over her words before being interrupted by the thump of a drum. Then comes the thump of a second drum. […]

  • The Sublime Creations of Destroyer

    Destroyer, the project of Vancouver singer-songwriter Dan Bejar, has a new album out called Kaputt, a clumsy word written in very classy script on the cover. It sounds different from his last album (2008’s Trouble in Dreams), which is something you could say about a lot of Destroyer albums. While Bejar’s home base is a […]

  • Rivers Cuomo, The Ugliest American

    While visiting The Howard Stern Show in 2005, Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo noted that he listened to the program every morning while writing his band’s second album, 1996’s Pinkerton, pointing out that the host’s name was even hidden in one of the drawings on the cover art. Stern was grateful, but also wondered why he […]

  • The Fleeting Satisfaction of Marnie Stern

    Marnie Stern is alone. She’s alone a lot, in an Upper East Side apartment her mom lived in before moving to Florida. Or she’s not completely alone: Her dog, Fig, a Morkie, one of those tiny mutant miracles, is there, too, barking. Most nights, Stern stays up until sunrise trying to write songs, scrapping things […]

  • Live: Spiritualized Revive Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space at Radio City Music Hall

    Spiritualized Radio City Music Hall Friday, July 30 Jason Pierce sits on a chair at stage left in Radio City Music Hall in front of a backdrop of hi-watt stars with what looks to be 29 other people. He wears white, says nothing, and only gets up from his chair once, to leave. The onstage […]

  • Live: Faith No More Invade Williamsburg, Still Care a Lot

    Faith No More East River State Park Friday, July 2 We are gathered here this evening with our backs to the sunset to watch a reunited Faith No More play the East River State Park, a former shipping dock in Williamsburg consisting of seven mostly un-shaded acres, part concrete slab, part lawn, part Juicy Juice-sponsored […]

  • Ariel Pink Gives Us the Creeps

    I’m walking toward the elevator after interviewing Ariel Pink at the office of his new record label, 4AD, and I somehow manage to pass him coming the other way down the hall, even though he left the room only 30 seconds before I did. He is hunched and stiff. His chin dips below his shoulders’ […]

  • The Brain-Wiping New Reality of Flying Lotus

    A young black man with a mouthful of bright white teeth stands onstage at Greenwich Village’s (le) poisson rouge in late March, shadowboxing. He bends down to his laptop and grins. Two projection screens behind him flash visual noise: pylons, static, colliding shapes. The guy—Steven Ellison, a/k/a Flying Lotus—snaps upright and starts doing a zombie […]

  • Swedish Twee-&-B Duo jj Cover “Birthday Sex.” Why?

    You may have noticed that Zach and Camille–SOTC’s daily stewards–aren’t posting today, because they’re on some kind of spiritual retreat that I’m not privy to the details of. As a guest, I’d be remiss in not writing an amorphous think piece that will fall through the cracks between more web-ready tidbits like “New Rolling Stones […]

  • Listen To Devin The Dude’s New Record, Which Just Happens To Be Out Today

    Houston rapper Devin the Dude has a new album out today, and it is streaming on his Myspace page. It is called Suite #420. I doubt I have to explain to you what the title means. In a recent interview with Word of South, Devin explained the record’s origin: Suite #420 is the new […]

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