Author: Matthew Ismael Ruiz

  • Dev Hynes Just Keeps Getting Better at Dancing — Here Are the GIFs to Prove It

    Ever since he dropped his Lightspeed Champion handle and started making sultry nouveau r&b as Blood Orange, Devonte Hynes has slowly been coming out of his shell. Not necessarily as a musician — by his mid-twenties he already had world tours and a handful of albums under his belt — but as a dancer. Over the course of […]

  • Watch a Brief History of HEALTH

    LA noise nerds HEALTH have been blurring the lines between dance and noise since they climbed out of the “Smell Scene” (the DIY community built around L.A. venues including The Smell and Il Corral) in the mid-aughts. Much of abrasive texture that surrounds their music can be traced to their use of the Zoothorn (a […]