Author: Leslie Savan

  • Sitting Here in Limbaugh

    Television How to do Rush Limbaugh? It’s a serious politicomedic question, a challenge for anyone of the liberal/left persuasion who stammers in the face of right-wing-but-funny. You dread sounding shrill, so you develop a grudging respect, maybe even a winking approval for the talk show host who has the nation’s right ear. You begin casting […]

  • Rudy Giuliani and Roger Ailes: Cold Fusion

    “I THINK WE HAD a great week,” Rudy Giuliani’s deputy campaign manager, Ken Caruso, said Satur­day at the official unveiling of the TV ad on Dinkins’s failure to file tax returns 20 years ago. “Jackie Mason went too far, and he was removed from the campaign. But today the issue is taxes…” A campaign is […]

  • The Shag Gag

    To anyone worried about a right-wing moral crusade buttoning up America’s entertainment industry, the most notable thing about Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me was not its boffo box office (the biggest opening weekend for a comedy ever, etc., etc.). What’s more remarkable is that AP2 built an invisible wall between the all-in-good-fun interpretation […]

  • Network Not Funny

    ABC got a lot of flak this summer for its cynical ad campaign insisting that TV’s guilty pleasures be indulged nonstop. Now in its “most aggressive fall launch ever,” the third-place network, whether out of daring or desperation, is still hitting away at the “pundits, moralists and self-righteous, self-appointed preservers of our culture [who] have […]