Author: Katherine Turman

  • There Goes My Hero – Dave Grohl’s Foo Fighters Help NYC ‘Learn to Live Again’

    “The ‘vaccines’ are simply the first steps in the genetic modification of the human race,” proclaimed the flyer, as its owner scrambled to pick up the sheaf he’d dropped on a Midtown sidewalk. “….Exactly as they genetically modify tomatoes….” it furthered.  The only correct thing about that statement from the NYS Liberty Coalition is the […]

  • Back in the New York Groove?

    The leather-jacketed throng at the Bowery Electric surged toward the low-slung stage, nearly eye-to-eye with the thrumming musicians, the room resounding with raised fists and excited, off-key singalongs of “Baby I’m born to lose” and “I’m living on a Chinese rock.” The stench of spilled beer and sweat hung in the air as beanie-clad punk […]

  • On Bruising Debut, Beechwood Nod to Their Heroes

    Beechwood’s Gordon Lawrence, 24, looking not unlike a young Thurston Moore, hair covered by a plaid cap, sits with his bandmates in a back booth of stalwart East Village bar 2A. They’re directly above cool-kid underground venue Berlin, where, a few weeks prior, Beechwood held an album release for their debut LP, Songs From the […]

  • Jim Jarmusch Talks Punk Rock, the Wu-Tang Clan, and the Music Behind His Movies

    During the halcyon days of downtown Manhattan, as Ed Koch became mayor and the Ramones and Richard Hell ran amok at CBGB, director Jim Jarmusch remembers thinking, “I can just walk into Andy Warhol’s Factory and suddenly become a superstar. Of the underground.” He laughs, but the Factory aside, that’s very much what the musician, […]

  • Guns N’ Roses Celebrate 30 Years of “Appetite for Destruction” at the Apollo Theater

    Thirty years ago, when five up-to-no-good Sunset Strip street urchins unleashed Appetite for Destruction on an unsuspecting public, no one knew quite what to expect. At the time, the members of Guns N’ Roses were battling drug addiction, intraband (read: Axl-related) strife, a wary record label, and a reputation as the baddest band in the […]

  • The Regrettes Bring Their Teenage Riot To New York City

    Five years ago Lydia Night posted on Facebook: “I am now a TWELVE year old singer/songwriter from Santa Monica, California! Yay! Can’t wait to see Marlhy and go to Rocky Horror Picture Show at Midnight!” Marlhy being her bff—and the 9-year-old drummer who played with Lydia that year at SXSW in their band Pretty Little […]

  • Foxygen’s Hang is a Technicolor Ode to La La Land (The Town, not the Movie)

    Foxygen’s Jonathan Rado and Sam France like the “fishy” smell of Manhattan’s Chinatown. They once lived in Astoria, Queens. They have a song called “Brooklyn Police Station,” and lyrics in another tune that proclaim,“There’s no need to be an asshole, you’re not in Brooklyn anymore.” And at present, the duo are perched on stools in […]

  • Best Indie Publisher

    Akashic Books’ tagline is “reverse-gentrification of the literary world,” and the Brooklyn-based publisher describes the books it publishes as “urban literary fiction and political nonfiction by authors who are either ignored by the mainstream” or who have no interest in it. In 2011 Akashic had the guts and taste to publish Go the Fuck to […]

  • Best Cheesy Icon That Is Actually Cool

    Ready to embark upon “a magical journey into a fairy tale of utter opulence”? You’ve seen the commercials (Gothamist dubbed Grand Prospect Hall the “Dr. Zizmor of Banquet Halls”), now see it up close and personal (without booking a hideously garish wedding) by visiting its Bavarian Biergarten, open since 2015, which offers 24 taps (mostly […]

  • Best Book That May or May Not Be Autobiographical by a Brooklyn Author

    Brooklyn-based author Charles Bock says that in his 2008 debut novel, Beautiful Children, a dense page-turner set in his native Las Vegas, he set out to depict “the nobility inherent in struggles that cannot be won.” It’s a grace in the face of tragedy that runs through Bock’s latest, Alice & Oliver (Random House), a […]

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