Author: Karen Durbin

  • Journalists at Play: the (MORE) the Merrier?

    This year’s (MORE) Convention con­tained a number of serious elements: the image and employment of women the press and Indochina the Indian movement public broadcasting minority coverage the CIA the nursing home scandal self-censorship conglomerates and book publishing investigative reporting But anyone who thinks the (MORE) Con­vention is a serious event in itself might consider […]

  • Up Close and Personal With the Rolling Stones

    Can the Stones Still Cut It? Two a.m. in a motel room in Wisconsin. The room is thick with dope and cigarette smoke. Peaple of various sexes crowd the room, among them the Stones. No one looks healthy. Keith Richard, as usual, looks mor­ibund, wasted, and vaguely dangerous. He is wearing a toothy-looking earring in […]

  • Ellen Willis, 1941 – 2006

    “I believe that we are all, openly or secretly, struggling against one or another kind of nihilism. I believe that body and spirit are not really separate, though it often seems that way. I believe that redemption is never impossible and always equivocal. But I guess that I just don’t know.” —Ellen Willis, Beginning to […]

  • Scene from a Sex Conference

    October 1, 1974 SCENE ONE: Saturday morning. The Women’s Speak-Out. Thirteen women take the stage, one by one, in a darkened auditorium, and discuss their sexuality. They range from a Viv, a slim, dark-haired woman in her 30s, who describes herself as a heterosexual monogamist (“I am a token, here to let you know we […]