Author: Julia Cooke

  • How Colleen Plumb Uses Her Art to Highlight the Plight of Animals in Captivity

    With Colleen Plumb’s animals, the surprise is part of the point: Wherever they appear, they are utterly out of context. Plumb has projected videos of rhythmically swaying elephants on a graffitied wall behind the Chicago River, across the opaque spray of an Oregon waterfall, and against a Parisian apartment building. More recently the projections have […]

  • Finally in the Picture: Two Documentaries Give Undersung Artists Their Due

    About halfway through the documentary Everybody Knows…Elizabeth Murray, the neoexpressionist artist’s contemporary Joel Shapiro and her gallerist Paula Cooper address the tension that hangs around the careers of many artists who are also women. “She wanted to be — any woman does — wanted to be compared with men,” says Cooper. “And I think there […]

  • Meet the Meatcutters of Williamsburg. No, Guys, You Can’t Impress Them.

    Elle Wolfe and Sunny Sanchez often find raw meat in their hair. It’s not uncommon for Wolfe to spot a chunk of bright-pink beef in Sanchez’s long black-and-bleached ombré ponytail; when she does, she reaches over to pluck it out before casually flicking it to the floor. Once, as Wolfe rode the subway home after […]

  • Steven Heller Doesn’t Need Your Matisse

    There’s a bookcase in the studio apartment that author Steven Heller rents as a kind of storage closet for his overflowing collection of design ephemera. Compared with the rest of the room, which is a cheerful riot of pop-culture design esoterica—1950s mini mannequins, plaster Chairman Mao dolls that salute from military tanks, art deco signage, […]