Author: Jon Campbell

  • Thousands of New Yorkers Demonstrate Against DACA Repeal, Dozens Arrested

    Thousands of protesters marched in several separate actions across New York City on Tuesday, hours after U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the planned end of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, exposing around eight hundred thousand young people to deportation. Almost immediately after Sessions’s announcement on Tuesday morning, protests began in front […]

  • NYC Spends $20M for Security at Private Schools, Including City’s Priciest

    For an annual tuition of over $46,000, the Dalton School on the Upper East Side serves up about the best education money can buy. It offers advanced robotics programs, Broadway-worthy theater productions, and library facilities rivaling those of many colleges. It’s a far cry from the city’s public schools, plagued as they are by inequities […]

  • Demonstrators Greet Trump on Return to New York

    Donald Trump returned to New York last night for the first time since his election as president and was greeted by throngs of jeering protesters outside of his home at Trump Tower. Thousands pressed up against police barricades addressing the president directly with drums, horns, and chants of “New York hates you.” The protest came […]

  • De Blasio’s FOIL Office Took Six Months to Release a Picture of an Ice Cream Cone

    Mayor Bill de Blasio made headlines back in May when he held a ceremony to honor legendarily dogged muckraker Jimmy Breslin and then refused to take questions from reporters after the event. As the Times noted, the presentation, stage-managed and unidirectional, was exactly the kind of thing “the cantankerous columnist and advocate of ordinary New Yorkers would […]

  • NYPD Watchdog: Too Many Cops Are Preventing The Public From Filming Them

    The Civilian Complaint Review Board, New York’s police watchdog organization, released a report on NYPD interference with civilian photography, concluding that “officer interference with civilian recordings of police conduct is an issue in New York City.” A review of cases handled by the agency over a three-year period found 257 interference-related complaints against officers, ranging from verbal […]

  • Gravity Knife Reform Appears Blocked By GOP In State Senate

    A state senator from Brooklyn has emerged as a major stumbling block in the drive to reform New York’s controversial “gravity knife” law, an effort that now looks likely to fail for a fourth year in a row. Senator Martin Golden, a Republican representing Bay Ridge and other parts of southern Brooklyn, says he’s concerned that […]

  • NY’s Parasitic Private Energy Scammers Are Digging In Their Heels

    New York’s private energy retailers — the sometimes predatory, often annoying companies many New Yorkers know from late-night phone calls and persistent door-to-door sales pitches — are locked in an increasingly desperate fight with regulators, one that saw a major escalation in the final week of May. After months of deadlock, on May 25 New […]

  • The Life And Death Of Kenneth Bostick

    Kenneth Bostick, a transgender person killed in Chelsea this month, was a quiet and unassuming presence with a penchant for Wayfarer sunglasses and wool beanies, no matter the weather, those who knew him said. And the 59-year-old’s death on May 7 has sparked an outpouring of grief and outrage from transgender rights groups. Bostick was […]

  • Trump’s Immigration Crackdown Sharpens Need To Cut Bogus ‘Gravity Knife’ Law, Pol Says

    Democratic lawmakers in Albany are once again trying to reform New York State’s broadly criticized “gravity knife” law, seeing new urgency in an era when even minor arrests can lead to serious immigration consequences. With little change in the political dynamics surrounding the issue, the latest push sets the stage for a public relations battle […]

  • Grateful Dead Doc “Long Strange Trip” Treads Old Ground Vividly

    Don’t expect Amir Bar-Lev’s Long Strange Trip, a sweeping if not very penetrating look at the thirty-year career of the Grateful Dead, to offer major revelations. For any Deadhead — and it’s hard to imagine any other kind of viewer settling in for the four-hour running time — the basic outlines of the band’s history […]

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