Author: Jonas Mekas

  • Movie Journal: Robert Downey Sr. Talks ‘Putney Swope’

    In the November 21, 1968, issue of the Voice, readers of Howard Smith’s Scenes column received a sneak preview of a new film being shot around town: MOST PEOPLE would think that the advertising agency scene is a bizarre enough theme by itself, but imagine merging it with black power and coming up with Truth […]

  • Jonas Mekas: Crack the Establishment!

    Some people tell us: stay away from the Establishment; the Establishment will swallow you; you’ll become the new Establishment. But I reason this way: There is a great beauty in Brakhage, in Warhol, in Ginsberg, in Robert Kelly, in Peter Orlovsky, in Marie Menken, in La Monte Young. If one truly cared for man, one […]

  • Jonas Mekas vs. the Beatles

    In the September 10, 1964, issue of the Village Voice, Jonas Mekas looked in vain for a touch of madness in a new movie staring the Fab Four: “A Hard Day’s Night” took our movie reviewers by surprise. Reviewers liked it. The Beatle fans liked it. Crowther liked it. Sarris said it shook his film […]

  • Jonas Mekas and Saint Marilyn Monroe

    Marilyn Monroe, the Saint of Nevada Desert. When everything has been said about “THE MISFITS,” how bad the film is and all that, she still remains there, a new screen character, MM, the saint. And she haunts you, you’ll not forget her. It is MM that is the film. A woman that has known love, […]

  • Movie Journal

    August 4, 1959 The other day Robert Frank was threatening me. He went to see “Anatomy of a Murder,” and the movie was so boring that he had to walk out of it. “Why did you go see it?” I said. “I gave it a very bad review.” “So, your review wasn’t bad enough,” said […]