Author: Jessica Lehrman

  • Scenes From NYC’s May Day: “The System Is What Brought You Trump”

    Text by Nick Pinto. All photos by Jessica Lehrman, except where noted. Because May Day holds special significance for labor unions, the immigrant rights movement, and socialists, communists, and anarchists of all stripes, it is tempting to treat its observation in New York City as an annual glimpse of the state of health of the […]

  • Ruff Ryders Reunion At Barclays Center

    Displays of the Double-R emblem engulfed the streets of downtown Brooklyn last Friday night as throngs of fans queued in front of Brooklyn’s Barclays Center for the sold-out first stop of the Ruff Ryders and Friends Reunion Tour. It was a far cry from the fantastical first night of the Bad Boy Reunion almost a […]

  • Photos: The Triumphant Faces of The Women’s March on Washington

    Millions of people across the world gathered the day after President Trump’s Inauguration to stand up for equality — and some experts are saying it was the largest civil rights demonstration in U.S. history. Washington, D.C. hosted the main event of the Women’s March, and the crowd — roughly 500,000 people — was so large […]

  • Photos: Trump’s Inauguration is Met With Jeers, Bricks, and Empty Bleachers

    We’ve all seen the photos: fewer people showed up to see Donald J. Trump’s Presidential Inauguration than expected. A few blocks from the sparse crowds along the parade route, demonstrators locked arms and shut down security checkpoints. Protesters threw bricks at police vehicles and set fire to a limousine while police shot flash bangs and […]

  • Columbus Day Counter-Programming At AMNH

    Several hundred activists draped a parachute over a statue of Teddy Roosevelt outside the American Museum of Natural History yesterday afternoon to protest the statue’s white supremacist iconography and the racist, 19th-century attitudes that still pervade the museum behind it. Jessica Lehrman was there to document the scene. And you can read Nick Pinto’s report […]

  • Prophets of Rage, Swarms of Cameras, and More Scenes From Cleveland

    Jessica Lehrman and Andrew Lichtenstein capture the sweeping spectacles and the quiet asides from the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.