Author: Jason Gross

  • Five Non-Touristy Parks to Escape to This Summer

    You know Central Park, Washington Square Park, Battery Park, Prospect Park, and Flushing Meadows (and so do the tourists). So change up your routine with these outdoor spaces off the beaten path for a great (and less crowded) day out. Alice Austen House and Park: Named for the 19th-century photographer, this historic Staten Island sanctuary […]

  • Elvis Costello

    As noble as his roots move was, Elvis Costello has wisely returned to his rock/new wave sensibilities once again. On his last swing through Gotham, the singer intrigued everyone with the giant spinning wheel he used to pick out his set list, even inviting audience members to join in the fun. With or without the […]

  • Roedelius

    As of last year, ambient Krautrock legends Cluster were no more, but luckily for fans, half of the classic cult combo is returns tonight. Hans-Joachim Roedelius’ massive, recently reissued solo career highlights a more reflective, spiritual side of his former band’s work, so you’ll surely hear his new deep meditative sounds, perhaps with a sprinkling […]

  • Cymbals Eat Guitars

    On their first album, this Staten Island quartet sounded hungry enough to lead a second wave of post-punk revival, but n their recent follow-up, things have smoothed out quite a bit. Maybe it’s the new line-up or the new (bigger indie) label, or maybe they just want to take things to the next level. In […]

  • Roger Daltry

    Figure this to be a preview for that inevitable day when Pete can’t make it on stage anymore (which may be sooner than we think). Truth be known, Rog ain’t no spring chicken either and has had some voice problems in the last few years. But a few cups of hot tea with lemon and […]

  • The Human League

    Alright, don’t snicker. You might not want to admit it, but plenty of you were ‘80s fans even before VH1 made it hip, and back then, these synth-poppers ruled the airwaves. Of course, once that decade ended, their hits dried up, but that’s the nature of pop. You can still swoon to “Human” and jiggle […]

  • Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo

    While Debbie Harry and Joan Jett get credit for creating the tough rock-woman persona in the late ’70s and early ’80s, this Brooklyn-born hitmaker is often unfairly removed from that category. Maybe it was because she sold more records than them or wasn’t as hip with the punk and indie crowds. Nevertheless, she and her […]

  • Kid Cudi

    This guy is looking to be an overachiever on the level of James Franco. Right now, he’s on every major rapper’s record except for Eminem’s, crafting a mixtape, working on his solo hip-hop album and one with his new rock band, starting his own label, and appearing in an HBO series, How to Make It […]

  • Sloan

    Surely these Canucks must be wondering somewhere in the back of their minds why us Yanks embrace a French band over them as our power-pop import of choice. It might have something to do with how Phoenix presents much more polished, sleeker music. Still, this quartet should get points for their longtime commitment–their discography is […]

  • The Thermals

    Singer/guitarist Hutch Harris and bassist Kathy Foster have kept this indie powerhouse going despite constant drummer vacancies. Recently, they’ve found some stability by keeping the same lineup and releasing albums more frequently. Lyrically, they’re in mid-’60s Dylan territory, going from the overtly political to the intensely personal. Musically, they’ve kept their reliable Pixies/grunge crunch going, […]

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