Author: Jarrett Murphy

  • The Times Weighs War

    Is the Gray Lady getting ready to punch back? An internal New York Times memo circulated last week announced the formation of a committee to study changes to news practices for anonymous sourcing—as well as whether and how to respond to attacks on the paper’s credibility. Headed by assistant managing editor and standards guru Allan […]

  • Spy Another Day

    The shakeup at the CIA is being painted as a crusade against agency employees who leaked secret information to the media. If so, it’s another front in the wider Bush administration campaign against unauthorized disclosures of inconvenient facts. Four CIA officials have departed since the election and others may follow. New York Times columnist William […]

  • The Incredible Shrinking DC Bureaus

    Next time your crotchety neighbor growls that “All the news from Washington seems the same,” he’ll be on to something. Just days after shuffling editors and announcing job cuts at Newsday, the Tribune Company has said it will consolidate the D.C. operations of the papers it owns. That move will affect reporters and readers of […]

  • Book ‘Em, Dan-0

    Over five seasons, the forensic teams of CSI and their spin-off counterparts at CSI: Miami and CSI: NY have dealt with a lot of stiffs. But one dead body CSI: NY viewers apparently didn’t want to deal with was Yasser Arafat’s. As first reported by the Associated Press, CBS took the rare step of publicly […]

  • Unfinished Biz

    “Now that the election is over,” declared The New York Times‘ Elisabeth Bumiller on the Monday after the nation voted, “there remains a piece of unfinished business.” Make that several pieces. For all the type and tape spent on Election 2004, several loose ends are still in need of tying. Bumiller’s lighthearted column about the […]

  • Newsday Shakeup Could Signal Power Shift

    “Inside Fallujah,” the New York edition of Newsday headlined today, as thousands of U.S. and Iraqi troops pushed an offensive aimed at ousting the Sunni city’s insurgent rulers. Inside Newsday, the buzz was about an ouster of a different kind: The departure of editor Howard Schneider and his replacement by John Mancini, an assistant managing […]

  • Waking Yasir

    For days, New York’s tabs could hardly contain their glee over the impending death of Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat. “May he rot in peace,” was the Daily News‘ editorial get-well card on Monday. On October 29, Arafat’s transfer to a French military hospital combined two of the Post‘s favorite targets, producing a leader titled “France […]