Author: Jan Hoffman

  • Rear Window: The Mystery of the Carl Andre Case

    It was on the third day of the mur­der trial that the defendant’s voice was heard in the court for the first and only time. The pros­ecutor punched a cassette into a cheap portable, and cranked up the volume of the recorded phone call made to a 911 operator on September 8, 1985, at 5:29:26 […]

  • Would You Give These Kids $150 Million to Start a TV Network? Rupert Murdoch Did

    Little Rascals: The Kids Behind America’s Fourth Network The young man about to address the TV camera looks grim. Sitting behind a table, wearing a navy ­blue blazer with four brass buttons, an Oxford blue shirt, a brick-colored tie, he could pass for an anchorman about to re­port a national tragedy. A very tired anchorman: […]

  • If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home by Now 

    “Show me the city,” my sister insisted.  (“Show her the city,” my parents pleaded. “Emphasize the good parts. Try and convince her to leave L.A. and move back East.”)  She had come into Manhattan to visit me for a long weekend, during a 10-day break from her disheartening singer-song­writer struggles on the Coast. I was […]