Author: J.R. Goddard

  • Moondog, Wavy Gravy, and Tiny Tim Walk Into a Bar…

    Ghouls at the Pussy Cat July 25, 1963 A talented musician was watching the show at the Fat Black Pussycat the other night. Within 90 minutes he witnessed a long-haired grotesque who sounds equally convincing as Rudy Vallee or an old-time vaudeville queen singing love duets with himself; a bearded, monkish blind man dryly reciting […]

  • ‘Run, Beatniks, Run!’ To Mecca, 1960

    June 30, 1960 On a warm, cloudy afternoon recently, the young flocked like lemmings to the fountain in Washington Square. They made the usual scene: sloppy blue jeans and occult amulets dangling from open shirt fronts; a bongo drum thumping and reverberating through the trees. But always on the outskirts of the crowd, where once […]