Author: J. Hoberman

  • The Godfather, Part III: Like Godfather …

    First, the bottom line: If you’re an American, you’ll see The God­father, Part III … once. After all, Kennedys aside, the Corleones are the only royal family we’ve got and, as an update on the clan unto their third generation, Godfather III combines the anticipatory ap­peal of Fotomat-fresh family snapshots with the more civic in­terest […]

  • Still Krazy After All These Years

    1986 Village Voice article by Hoberman on Krazy Kat

    Of all classic comic strips, George Her­riman’s Krazy Kat was the most bril­liantly formulaic. For over 30 years, the daily installment climaxed more often than not wi1h the strip’s eponymous star taking a well aimed brick on the head. You might call it a “riff” if you were inclined to be musical. Krazy Kat — […]

  • Michael Douglas: Victim Victorious

    1995 Village Voice article by J Hoberman about resentful white men portrayed in Hollywood movies

    Well-Fed Yuppie Michael Douglas Lead Charge for Resentful White Men “Why don’t I just be that guy, that evil white guy you’re always complaining about?” — Michael Douglas, Disclosure Was that a threat or a bleat? Or was it only the satisfied acknowl­edgment of a smart career move? Improbable as it may seem, Michael Douglas […]

  • Republican Nation: Bill Clinton’s Unrequited Affair

    Love in Vain: Bill Clinton’s Unrequited Affair January 10, 1995 WELCOME TO REPUBLICAN NATION, where men are men and President Bill Clinton is a skirt-chasing, draft-dodging, pot-smoking, non-inhaling, pussy-whipped, pussy-eating, pussycat-owning, homo-loving, touchie-feelie, yellow-bellied peacenik wuss. Back in 1992, the American electorate (or 43 per cent of it, anyway) voted for a lover, not a […]

  • The Mouse Roars: ‘The Lion King’ Reviewed

    The Mouse Roars June 21, 1994 Not yet a part of our genetic ma­terial, The Lion King wastes no time irradiating the universe. A blood orange sun rising o’er the awesome perspective of an Afri­can savannah, this latest Disney animation opens with the apoca­lyptic pow of an atomic bomb bursting upon Yucca Flats. If you’ve […]

  • Our Man in Havana: Face-to-Face with Fidel Castro

    “Everyone who comes to Cuba has been brainwashed. Skillful prop­aganda has told them Havana is a haven of heaven.” That’s Steve Ryan talking; see his indispensable “Havana: Sucker Trap of the Caribbean,” published for your edification in the February 1957 issue of Exposed magazine (the one with Diana Dors on the cover). “Forget the Maine” […]

  • A Search for a Corpse is So Much More in Once Upon a Time in Anatolia

    A few days into 2012, and we already have a favorite for the New Year’s best movie: Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s Once Upon a Time in Anatolia. Turkey’s leading filmmaker has several accomplished festival-friendly evocations of urban isolation to his credit—notably the city mouse–country mouse character study Distant (2002) and the pensive breakup not-quite-comedy Climates (2006). […]

  • American History, from the Mind of Ken Jacobs, in Seeking the Monkey King

    One of last year’s best films, Ken Jacobs’s Seeking the Monkey King is showing Saturday at Anthology as part of a program presented in support of Occupy Wall Street. An exhilarating audiovisual workout that simultaneously engages multiple parts of the brain, Jacobs’s 40-minute movie is a sort of hallucinatory jeremiad. The basic imagery seems derived […]

  • You Be the Judge in the High-Stakes Iranian Legal Drama A Separation

    A Separation—the fifth feature by Iranian writer-director Asghar Farhadi—is an urgently shot courtroom drama designed to put you in the jury box. Dispensing with preliminaries, it opens at a judicial hearing where, facing the camera that stands in for the judge, a quarrelsome husband and wife each make their case. Both are middle-class members of […]

  • Looking Back on Laura

    Strange by even film noir standards, Otto Preminger’s 1944 Laura, which is showing in a new 35mm print at Film Forum, starts out with a voiceover narration delivered from beyond the grave by hornet queen Waldo Lydecker (Clifton Webb):) “I will never forget the weekend Laura died.” A gossip columnist who likes to write while […]