Author: Holly Huitt

  • Haven’s Kitchen Wants You to Enjoy Sustainablity

    Alison Schneider is all smiles in Chelsea. Alison Schneider hates to get all “hippie/new agey” on you, but sometimes she just has to, especially when it comes to talking about the energy in Haven’s Kitchen. “The space is pretty, the people working here are happy and honest, the chef is psyched to be teaching — […]

  • Meet Meaghan Dorman of Raines Law Room

    Meaghan Dorman meets a lot of people’s parents at Raines Law Room. Sometimes it’s because she has already met the girlfriend (who became the wife), the siblings, the business partners. The parents are the next logical step. Other times it’s more of a, “Look, Mom, I’m not drinking in a dive bar!” Dorman says. Dorman […]

  • Meet Chef Monica Byrne of Home/Made

    Monica Byrne admits that she just might be a control freak. She’s the kind of chef who, while cooking in the tiny kitchen of her Red Hook restaurant, Home/Made, also takes the time to observe diners from a stove-side window and ask the waiters: “What’s going on with that couple? Is it the food, or […]

  • Q&A: James Beard President Susan Ungaro on Gender and Lack of Women in the Culinary World

    See More Interviews: Suzanne Yacka, Astoria Foodie Restaurateur Carlos Suarez on His New Venture Rosemary’s Many a dude has graced the winner’s circle at the James Beard Awards. That’s fine and good, but where the ladies at? James Beard Foundation president Susan Ungaro weighs in on the absence of women in culinary leadership roles and […]

  • Fat, Shiny (Rice) Balls

    Brown rice isn’t the most glamorous of grains, but when you watch someone fastidiously mold it into a fat, geometrical shape and wrap it in a shining sheet of seaweed, it begins to take on a certain allure. Like the onigiri at Brooklyn Flea from Rice & Miso Everyday. It’s not that these brown rice […]

  • La Pollera Colorada’s Colombian Roast Chicken: A Feast Too Large for Date Night

    [See More Taste Tests: Fried Green Tomatoes versus Fried Okra: The Showdown | Colombian Aguardiente: A Drink That May Make You Punch Someone in the Face] Pivoting, twirling, dancing in the heat, skins glistening and browning, crisping and cracking. There’s nothing quite like the sight of a dozen rotisserie chickens on the spit. If you’re […]

  • Fried Green Tomatoes vs. Fried Okra: The Showdown

    See More Taste Tests: Colombian Aguardiente Blue Collar’s Fast Food-Style Burgers Choosing between sides at a Southern restaurant is like trying to choose your favorite child. The macaroni and cheese is a shoe-in, the collards aren’t going anywhere, and there’s always a chance for a “salad” component like coleslaw. But how do you decide between […]

  • Pickled Watermelon Rind: Tedious, But Delicious

    [See More Recipes: How to Make Swordfish Tacos | STK Burger from STK OUT] Watermelon season is a hard time for New Yorkers. It’s late summer, it’s hotter than ever, and the window air conditioners are barely working. It all makes that fat green globe nestled among its friends at the grocery store look like […]

  • Colombian Aguardiente: A Drink That May Make You Punch Someone in the Face

    Try to take a swig of Colombian aguardiente without making a face. If you’re lucky, you’ll get away with a grimace and a brow wrinkle. If you’re more sensitive to the burning sensation that accompanies a sip of sugarcane-derived 29% alcohol fire water (exact translation, by the way), you’re probably going to have a full […]

  • Aita’s Fritto Misto di Vedura: Praise the Fried-Food Gods!

    [See More Taste Tests: Taco Box Debuts at B Bar on Bowery | Is This New York’s Most Expensive [Normal] Hot Dog? | Noodles: Hand-Pulled or Knife-Peeled?] Fact: Deep-fried foods are bad for you. Fact: They are tasty. But not all deep-fried foods are created equal–or equally bad for you, anyway. On a scale of […]