Author: Hillary Chute

  • Gothic Revival

    Alison Bechdel’s book tour for Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic first brought her to New York City on Father’s Day. At the lesbian bar Cattyshack, as the crowd for its Sunday BBQ streamed back and forth from the outside deck, Bechdel greeted fans, signed copies, and projected images from her book onto the interior brick […]

  • Stand Up Comics

    Cartoonist Joe Sacco has spent the last decade and a half traveling to places such as Palestine, Bosnia, Chechnya, and Iraq to report on the circumstances of the war-torn and dispossessed. Sacco, who currently lives in Portland, is the author of Palestine (a ’90s serial printed in book form in 2001), Safe Area Gorazde: the […]

  • Books

    In “Soba!,” the first of the two profiles in War’s End (both originally published in the late ’90s), Joe Sacco’s purview includes the title character’s porn aspirations—a film in which he and his friend would receive blowjobs while discussing Hegel—and the name of his rock band: Z.O.C.H., which stands for Golden-Gilded Dicks. Yet Sacco, the […]

  • Drunken Hunt for Unintelligible Punk Singer Proves Fruitful

    When Jenna Tyrade of Chicago punk outfit Tyrades was apparently “discovered” by her three male bandmates on a “crazy, alcohol-driven search,” those dudes got so lucky—her big-time screaming is the most riveting and charismatic of any non-defunct band I can think of. In terms of defunct bands, I hear Bikini Kill, but I bet the […]

  • Eve Ensler and Amnesty International March on Juarez to Stop the Murder of Young Women

    February 14, Juarez, Mexico—“Ni Una Mas“—”not one more”—was the impassioned rallying cry this Valentine’s Day as activist groups from the U.S. and Mexico converged on this gritty border city to protest the brutal killings of more than 370 women in Juarez and the nearby state capital, Chihuahua City, since 1993. Early Saturday, a rapt crowd […]

  • Bars, Wars, Flaming Cars

    Twenty-four years after local lady-led no wave geniuses the Bush Tetras released their stripped-down, indisputable punk-funk proclamation “Too Many Creeps,” Bat Eats Plastic take up the mantle with “Citibeat,” a jangly, shaking ride through the noisy terrain of plural genres that laments—in the acerbic, discontented manner of Tetra Cynthia Sley, and rounded out by fuzzy, […]

  • Jack White Plays Up His Authenticity Obsession for T Bone

    Jack White performs traditional arrangements among Cold Mountain‘s Appalachian ballads and 19th-century sundries, and what a perfect opportunity for him to play up his blues-and-authenticity obsession. On T Bone Burnett’s dark, hour-long homage to American roots music, Jack contributes five tracks; the only original, “Never Far Away,” isn’t even in the film, and recalls any […]

  • Listings

    Feast sound like a cross between two of the best bands ever, Black Sabbath and Bikini Kill. Their press release even notes the local four-piece’s “combination of primitive heavy metal and riot grrrl ideology.” Ideology aside, there’s no doubt that imposing frontwoman Clare Amory projects her amazing vocals, hits all the high notes, and screams […]

  • Sugar On Me

    As deceptively sweet as the Shirelles, with moments of Shangri-Las-style radical moodiness, the All Girl Summer Fun Band claim “fun” as both the good and the bad. Whatever the circumstances (and many involve dudes), this team of Oregon ladies want to be in it together. They trade complaints, then, like “My boyfriend never shaves, my […]

  • Listings

    It may be the combination of brilliant self-deprecation and uninhibited wisecracking that makes Murray Hill’s act so funny. It was the closing night of his month-long run at Fez, and Hill was cajoling a lockjawed bearded man, who looked as though he might die from the drag king’s attention. “Hey, you big dyke you,” said […]