Author: Harold Goldberg

  • Mysteries and Courtroom Dramas

    Before there were first person shooters, the adventure game was about as cool as a game could get. Companies like Sierra poured millions into mystery-filled series like Phantasmagoria, King’s Quest, and Gabriel Knight. Sadly, as games became more graphically sophisticated, these point-and-click puzzle games became far less popular. But adventure games have seen a real […]

  • Hate Winter and Monsters? Experience this Surreal World

    “Sunshine cannot bleach the snow,” wrote Emerson. But it sure can make it blindingly bright. As a child growing up in the snowy climes of Buffalo, I loved the winter snows. And I especially enjoyed a good blizzard. Sure, navigating wind-whipped snow as I drove the back roads was dangerous. But it made me feel […]

  • Golfing With Cops, Fairies, and Punks

    Early in his classic Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons, the legendary golfer uses capital letters as if to scream at you like a football coach. The grail in golf, he says, is “A CORRECT, POWERFUL, REPEATING SWING. This can be stated categorically: it is utterly impossible for any golfer to play good golf without a swing […]

  • The Best Games of 2006

    With all the new consoles and the growing popularity of casual and mobile games, it’s been a year where there have been more games on the market for more platforms than I’ve ever seen. This year, I’ve decided to do something different with my Best Games of the Year column. That’s because each year, games […]

  • The Gamer Before Christmas

    ‘Twas the Gamer before Christmas, and all through the rooms, Not a game was being played, not even Mario and his ‘shrooms. Some kids were chill, playing a 360 or DS While those with the PlayStation 3 had that wild “Resistance” stress. But the Gamer’s girl with her Parappa hat, and the Gamer in his […]

  • Quality Distraction From Awkward Holiday Parties

    It’s almost literary. The feeling I get when I play the new LEGEND OF ZELDA: TWILIGHT PRINCESS is akin to the sense of wonder I had when reading Truman Capote’s A Grass Harp or Jean Shepherd’s A Christmas Story. That’s not to say that Zelda is well written. It isn’t—in fact, very few video games […]

  • Dream Massive Nightmares of Destruction

    Vroom! I love the smell of high octane in the morning. One of the few things that PlayStation 3 video games do better than movies are racing games. Forget Talledega Nights, which admittedly doesn’t have jaw-dropping racing scenes, even in Blu-ray. Forget even Steve McQueen’s 1971 Le Mans, which, despite its weak plot, features some […]

  • Gameplay Holiday Guide

    It ain’t easy. With the two new gaming consoles hitting the market, the older gaming consoles still going strong, and a slew of new games from which to choose, it’s a confusing time for even the savviest of gamers. So here’s my two cents on what to buy this year. Hardware Reviews In a nutshell, […]

  • The Dating Game

    I don’t like it. You’ve got this obnoxious, wrong-headed media hoopla over the new video game systems, the PlayStation 3 and the Nintendo Wii. The general broadcast media, even NPR, chooses to focus on the wild drama in lines and the exorbitant prices garnered on eBay for the third PlayStation. They’re missing the point. Then, […]

  • This Game Should Sleep With the Fishes

    In chapter two of Nick Tosches’ Trinities, the writer describes grizzled, old Mafioso Giuseppe Di Pietro: “His legs and back were weak with pain. But he did not allow his countenance to betray that weakness or that pain . . . His face, cold and expressionless in denial of his pain, was like a weathered […]

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