Author: Guy Trebay

  • Play Ball

    ‘I saw this show,’ the man with the devil horns is saying, ‘by this French guy, Olivier Rebufa. He makes these, like, self-portraits playing with Barbie.’ ‘Barbie the doll?’ asks the woman wearing plastic angel wings on her back. ‘Yeah, her.’ ‘And what are the pictures of?’ asks the woman, plucking a cherry tomato from […]

  • Cruel and Usual Punishment

    A 15-year-old is duct-taped and thrown against a school locker, then held down while his teammates insert a plastic knife into his rectum. A Staten Island teenager is ritually paddled at football camp until he bleeds. A group of freshmen soccer players are dragged across the muddy field of a suburban Baltimore high school. A […]

  • City on a Hill

    MEXICO CITY—Tiberio didn’t used to buy roast pork. Suddenly Tiberio’s buying roast pork. Where’s the money coming from? That’s what people in his barrio on the outskirts of this massive city were whispering lately, and their insinuations—ordinary gossip in one sense—were carried along seemingly harmlessly until they reached the ears of a local crime boss. […]

  • The View Finders

    Virtually the entire history of photography—daguerreotype to electrophotomicrography to digital technology—was represented when the 20th Association of International Photography Art Dealers show convened recently at the Hilton. This commercial survey annually draws scores of the world’s top dealers in fine art photography—specialists, generalists, and gallery owners assaying the market, its blue chips, its breakout talents […]

  • Show People

    Scene 1 One-hour call backstage at the Westbeth Theater. Eight actors from the Tweed Fractured Classicks Series sit at mirrors in their communal dressing room making up for tonight’s performance of ‘Imitation of Imitation of Life,’ director Kevin Malony’s shrewd, arch, sidesplitting burlesque of a classic Lana Turner B-movie weepie about ruthless ambition, demented mother […]

  • Homo Thugz Blow Up the Spot

    A bitter wind whips off the Bronx River, spinning loose trash through the desolate streets below the Bruckner Expressway. The prospect of finding anyone out in this industrial area at 3 a.m. seems remote. Yet here, on the corner of 140th Street and Walton Avenue, huddles a crowd 300 strong. The throng is waiting to […]

  • Alternating Currents

    When the wind clocks south from the waste recovery facility, it carries a stink that, as a friend once put it, could gag a maggot. Compacted sludge from a nearby city sewage treatment plant is fired here at high temperature to form fertilizer pellets. Compared to the smell this process generates, the adjacent sewage plant […]

  • Legends of the Ball

    Among the ball children, there is no greater honorific than ‘legendary’ a status for which no fixed standard exists. A legend might be a man or a woman or a transgendered person or a butch dyke or a femme queen. A legend might be a brilliant voguer or somebody whose cross-sex impersonations inspire awe. Once […]

  • No Scrubs

    Memo to Jennifer Lopez: Lose the chump. You may think you’re working out the career thing by dating a stocking-cap sporting, platinum-chain wearing, white-mink-coat having, and violence-prone gangsta pretender, but the street consensus is you’re on the wrong tip. Forget East Hampton. What kind of guy takes you on dates that end with a 14-hour […]

  • Knowledge Is Power Hair

    Last minutes of epoch. Time to clear slate, review past both immediate and distant, undertake important changes to herald next 1000 years. What to do first? Make five-year plan? Take fearless moral accounting? Consolidate debt? Rearrange sock drawer? Wait. First things first. Cut hair. ¶ Astor Place barber? No. Astor Place feng shui lousy. Chi […]