Author: Grover Lewis

  • Band from Dylanland: Big Pink in Quake City

    “Big Pink in Quake City: Respite for the Restless” SAN FRANCISCO — Darling Dolly Dane, a rachitic teenie waif from the wilds of Petaluma (“Egg Basket of the West”), was rattling off her semi-pro panhandler’s hype at the intersection of Post and Steiner, while up the block at Winterland, the reclusive band from Big Pink […]

  • Gimme Shelter: Blowing Up a Movie to Solve a Murder

    Blowing Up a Movie to Solve a Murder December 25, 1969 SAN FRANCISCO — “Is anybody besides me seriously worried about what the Hell’s Angels might do to us if they find out we’ve got footage of the killing?” Albert Maysles asked. “I mean, when that sequence is blown up, there’ll be a full-face picture […]

  • Stones & Angels: Viewing the Remains of Altamont

    stones altamont concert report

    Stones & Angels: Viewing the Remains of a Mean Saturday December 18, 1969 SAN FRANCISCO — On the morning of December 10, a scattering of friends and kin gathered in a foggy cemetery in the bedroom commuter community of Vallejo to bury Meredith Hunter, who had just turned 18. Hunter was the apparently drug-freaked young […]

  • The Rolling Stones at Altamont: Day of the Angels

    Day of the Angels: Let It Bleed! December 11, 1969 ALTAMONT SPEEDWAY, Alameda County, California — All across the scalded brown hills looming above this seedy, out-at-the-elbows drag strip located 50 miles northeast of San Francisco in the monotonous, sepia-tone wastes of the Livermore Valley, there hung in the already polluted air the mingled odors […]