Author: Grady Hendrix

  • Do You Believe in Magic?

    Life in England must be hell on earth. How else to explain the huge number of fantasy authors who hail from its shores? While America has produced sci-fi authors focused on the application of technology for the betterment (or detriment) of humanity, many British authors seem to value nothing more than a headlong flight from […]

  • Readers Of The Last Aardvark

    One of the most ambitious literary projects of the last 25 years came to an end this March and you probably don’t even know its name: Cerebus. It’s a comic-book series about a talking aardvark, whose creator seems to have slowly gone insane somewhere over the course of its 6,000 pages. But it is also […]

  • Anita Mui, 1963-2003

    The divas are dead. Two of Hong Kong’s most theatrical, most popular, most outrageously sexual stars won’t be around to ring in the Chinese New Year. Leslie Cheung, the only openly gay Chinese celebrity, killed himself on April 1. Then Anita Mui, dubbed “the Madonna of Asia,” died of cervical cancer on December 30. She […]

  • Action Pack

    Despite rumors of its demise, Chinatown’s Music Palace continues to offer counterprogramming to Hollywood blockbusters. One of the last five Chinese movie houses in North America, it has been screening double features of Hong Kong movies since the early ’60s. And though attendance at the 700-seat theater has plummeted over the years— mostly due to […]