Author: Frank Serpico

  • Frank Serpico: A Letter Home

    A Letter Home February 3, 1975 Many people have written me letters over the past couple of years. As much as I’ve tried to answer each personally, I just can’t answer them all. People write asking all kinds of questions. They want to give me advice. They want me to give them advice. They tell […]

  • Why Safir Must Resign

    Rudolph Giuliani’s reign of terror must come to an end. It should begin with the resignation of his police commissioner, Howard Safir, who has demonstrated from the beginning of his tenure an utter disregard for the rules of behavior that he set forth for his own men. Safir issued a list of establishments that were […]

  • Amadou’s Ghost

    The ghost of Amadou Diallo haunted me in my sleep last night. He asked me, “Officer Serpico, where was justice in that Albany courtroom? Who was there to represent me? I can clearly see that Justice is not blind, just blindfolded. But who will remove the blindfold from her eyes so that she may see […]