Author: Elliott Sharp

  • 10 Terribly Sad Albums to Hear Before You Die

    We all love sad music. We love it when there is something about sad music we can relate to through our own sad personal life experiences. It is pleasant to listen to a song about heartbreak when your heart is broken. It is also pleasant to listen to a song about heartbreak when your heart […]

  • Dawn of Midi Will Make You Dance

    After listening closely to Dysnomia, the new album by Dawn of Midi, it becomes clear why the title was not directly inspired by the Ancient Greek meaning of the word: “lawlessness.” The music is precisely ordered; it is ecstatic, but not anarchic. It is also unlike the condition of dysnomia–the inability to recall words or […]

  • Brooklyn’s Steve Gunn Finds a Spot to Kill Time and Look Around

    Guitarist and singer Steve Gunn is perched on the edge of a sofa. He’s in a recording studio at the headquarters of public radio station WXPN in Philadelphia. But he’s not close to the edge because he’s anxious—he’s not fidgeting. There’s just some junk hogging the best part of the cushion. He’d ease back into […]

  • That Time Foot Village Went Searching for the Underground Labyrinth of a Sex Minotaur

    The first three albums by Foot Village, the Los Angeles noise/drum/holler/weirdo quartet, were about a future world in which the only survivors of the apocalypse were those living in a place called Foot Village. The band’s new album, Make Memories, is not billed as a continuation of this trilogy. But it sure feels like it. […]

  • Waxahatchee’s Katie Crutchfield Is No Longer Languishing in Grief

    Katie Crutchfield, the 24-year-old Alabama–born, Philadelphia–based musician who’s the creative force behind Waxahatchee, ditches our first interview. She apologizes for the last-minute cancellation, but claims she’s too busy to chat. You can’t blame her. She must be exhausted after several weeks of touring. Her band played a house show in Philadelphia on March 1 to […]

  • Potty Mouth: “It Is Not Our Job To Teach The Rest of the World How To Not Be Assholes”

    Potty Mouth is a rock band from Western Massachusetts. With the exception of singer/guitarist Abby Weems, who graduated from high school last year, the members of the band either attended Northampton’s Smith College (bassist Ally Einbinder and guitarist Phoebe Harris are graduates) or currently attend Smith College (drummer Victoria Mandanas is in her last semester). […]

  • We Asked Endless Boogie’s Paul Major How To Write the Perfect Song

    Endless Boogie make rock music so rude and compelling that when you hear it you’ll wanna smother every inch of your body in BBQ sauce, fire up the grill and jump on the flames. The New York band’s new album, Long Island, is out next week via No Quarter, and it’s the breakfast equivalent of […]

  • Lt. Ed Bankston Talks About the Obscure Album Released in 1983 By His Band The Red Rippers

    “It’s all a big surprise to me,” says Ed Bankston, 60, talking on the phone from his home in Phoenix, Arizona. “It’s like the ghost of Christmas past has shown up.” In 1983, the songwriter and guitarist Bankston started a label called Oracle Records to self-release Over There… and Over Here, the first and last […]

  • Zs’ Sam Hillmer on Hating Skronk, and the Possibility of Disappearing Completely

    The Kaufman Music Center’s Ecstatic Music Festival began last weekend, and it runs through March. The performers, which include Deerhoof, Julia Holter, Laurel Halo and the JACK Quartet, were selected because they occupy the “fertile terrain between classical and popular music.” Among these so-called fertile-terrain-dwelling artists is Zs, the New York experimental group whose virtues […]

  • Exit Interview: Charlie Looker on the Life and Death of Extra Life

    After its Saturday night performance at 285 Kent, Extra Life will be no more. On November 13, the band shared news of the “amicable” breakup on its blog: “While it’s somewhat difficult to articulate exactly why, let’s just say that the inner creative momentum driving the band has stalled.” In short, it’s over. If you […]