Author: David Colon

  • We Watched the Cuomo-Nixon Debate So You Don’t Have To

    David Colon: Aaron, hello! Aaron Gordon: Dave, are you ready for another installment of a liveblog that will be posted after the event is over? DC: Yes! And I think in this instance especially, it fits, since for some weird reason the event was on a tape delay. Why? Who knows! Did you check for […]

  • If You’re Headed to the Rockaways, Part of the Beach Just Died

    Summer in the Rockaways is prime time for the city’s beachside community, which has been clawing itself back to life since it was all but wiped out by Superstorm Sandy. But just as the peninsula was getting ready to kick into high gear and welcome thousands of beachgoers for the season, the city suddenly announced […]

  • Jersey City Teachers Strike, Don Jr.’s Wife Has Left Him

    • A report from Comptroller Scott Stringer says the DOE isn’t doing enough to make sure the more than 110,000 homeless students in New York City public schools are attending classes. • Former Democratic representative Louise Slaughter, who represented western New York and was the first woman to chair the House Rules Committee, died in Washington, […]

  • How to Survive a Samurai Sword Attack, Walmart Is Coming

    • Governor Cuomo said he feels SHOCKED and BETRAYED by the actions of his former right-hand man Joe Percoco, who this week was convicted of accepting $300,000 in cash bribes. In case you don’t believe Cuomo is in touch with his inner feelings, why, he’s got these very human emotions written down on a piece […]

  • R.I.P. Stephen Hawking, Dems Win in Pennsylvania

    • United, not content with being known as “that airline where a guy was bloodied and dragged off a plane,” can now be known as “that airline where a dog died on a Houston–to–New York flight after a flight attendant forced someone to put their puppy in an overhead bin.” • Joe Percoco, the former […]

  • Chaos in the White House, Madison Square Garden Is Scanning Your Face

    • Following last week’s deadly car crash in Park Slope, in which two children were killed, hundreds of safe streets advocates and elected officials marched from Prospect Park to the intersection of 9th Street and Fifth Avenue, the site of the crash, to demand better street design and red light camera enforcement. • Safety officials […]

  • DeVos Gets Pantsed on TV, Ginsburg Does Food Reviews

    • A tour helicopter crashed into the East River on Sunday; all five passengers died, but the pilot survived. This was the third crash involving the company Liberty Helicopters in the last eleven years. The pilot is now suggesting one of the passengers may have accidentally tripped the copter’s fuel cutoff switch, thereby triggering the crash. […]

  • Teens Own the Mayor, Newsweek Teeters on the Brink

    • Rude teens laid waste to Mayor de Blasio at a town hall he held last night on how to prevent violence in schools, telling him they were tired of metal detectors, school safety officers, and a lack of guidance counselors. • Perhaps the mayor will have better luck with the crowd of olds at […]

  • Another Day, Another Subway Explosion; Terrible Men Are Everywhere

    • Champion of women Andrew Cuomo, who’s not feeling the heat from Cynthia Nixon at all, is trying to remind everyone about the whole “champion of women” thing and not the “dismissing a reporter asking about sexual harassment in government” thing or the “hiring as a top aide a man who had an affair with his […]

  • Cynthia Nixon Plots in the Shadows, Someone Is Stealing All Our Trash Cans

    • Actress Cynthia Nixon, whom you may know from the 1985 Robert Altman teen sex comedy O.C. and Stiggs, has been studying up on transportation policy and may announce a primary challenge against Andrew Cuomo (who hasn’t been in a single movie) any day now. • Billy McFarland, the mastermind behind the Fyre Festival — […]