Author: Dan Leroy

  • Nelly Battles the Recession, Also The Recession

    It’s one of the ironies of art—if not life, generally—that the moment you fully realize someone’s influence is frequently exactly when they’re no longer capable of exerting it. Nelly was attacked as a hip-pop softie when he debuted almost a decade ago; now, it’s impossible to imagine what the game would sound like without the […]

  • Jim White’s Transnormal Skiperoo

    Given that he was raised Pentecostal in Pensacola—and has a fascination with painful interactions between God and men—it’s easy to understand why Jim White’s work is often described as Southern gothic or alt-country. Yet his first three albums only superficially employed Southern or country styles; like some pedal-steel-wielding, cracked-crooning Brian Eno, White specialized in indescribable […]

  • Kenna’s Make Sure They See My Face

    How could a guy produced by one of the Neptunes and described by U2’s manager as a future world-changer be a commercial stiff? Author Malcolm Gladwell couldn’t believe the failure of Kenna’s 2003 debut, New Sacred Cow, either, and devoted a chapter of his latest bestseller, Blink, to “Kenna’s Dilemma.” The conclusion Gladwell reached about […]