Author: Craig Karpel

  • In the Sahara, Searching for the Rolling Stones

    Arm-wrestling the Midnight Rambler to a draw Last November I read an article in Harper’s by Professor William Irwin Thompson of the Humanities program at York University, Toronto, entitled “Planetary Vistas.” It was prefaced with three italicized analogies, theĀ first of which ran as follows: ANALOGY ONE “Imagine insects with a life-span of two weeks, and […]

  • F. Lee Bailey’s Golden Age Club Goes Public

    Ad for conspiracy film THE CONVERSATION by Coppola

    Don Francisco Vasques de Coronado, would thou wert with us at this hour! Your search for the Seven Cities of Cibola, where according to legend gold was as plentiful as styrofoam hot cups at a working session of the Practicing Law Institute, has finally neared fruition in, of all venues, the Senate Caucus Room. Who […]