Author: Clark Whelton

  • Gem Spa closes: Bye Bye, Miss American Egg Cream

    “Gem Spa closes: Bye Bye, Miss American Egg Cream” March 2, 1972 Gem Spa is closed. The candy store which became a clearing house for the hip-yip-street freak festival in the East Village is now padlocked, its windows covered with newsprint and cardboard. The end came quickly and unexpectedly last week when a flying squad […]

  • I Walked Through Central Park at Night

    I went over the wall at 59th Street and Columbus Circle and angled northeast through Central Park. It was 9:15 on a warm Saturday night. Harlem was two and a half miles away. If I maintained my usual block-a-minute sidewalk speed, I would exit onto 110th Street in just over an hour. Unless something went […]