Author: Camille Dodero

  • Last night at Crash Mansion: Laces’ one-year anniversary

    Getting downstairs was like licking a Tootsie Pop and discovering tuna inside — a whole lot of work for a prize that makes you want to puke. Yes, All City is run by a girl. Now get over it. This is only momentarily relevant because we’re about to tell you how bored we were at […]

  • Vehicle bombs: Humpday starter edition

    Parked along Bedford Ave this morning. Click on the images for the big versions. You should probably know that back where All City came from, the biggest street-art highlight of our regular commute was seeing one of these craptastic SANTA IS REAL stencils by our house. Seriously, that’s about as good as it got. So […]

  • Tonight: Laces one-year anniversary

    I am laced up like a sneaker, yo! Laces, a New York-based female-sneaker boutique, celebrates its first anniversary tonight.

  • Sarah Silverman YouTube Festival

    In this week’s Voice, Michael Musto interviews Sarah Silverman and discovers that she is his kind of cunt. Political correctness officially had a massive heart attack and died when South Park hit the air in 1997, but ever since then, Sarah Silverman has been gleefully squatting over its grave and making a cocky. The writer-comic-actress […]

  • Friday scribbles: Ambivalent gayness is not a game

    If you ever get a chance to fuck your hand, never lose that chance. From Written on the City > New York We don’t usually dial the stall-side digits of people named Misty McLick for a good time, but we’re always strangely enthralled to read about “her” banana-swallowing prowess on the john. Written on the […]

  • Crappy wheatpasted edicts in Williamsburg: The excrement of lazy action

    Dadaist art-dicks dis Shepard Fairey in Williamsburg, part II After our camera battery attempted suicide yesterday, we counseled it back to life this morning and then coaxed it down to Bedford Ave and North 7th to survey the walls. More paint-splashings from the SDS of street art: Hold on a sec — I got a […]

  • Dadaist art-dicks diss Shepard Fairey in Williamsburg

    Aw, why couldn’t “euthanizing your bourgeois fad” take the form of painting over that crappy tag on the right? Looks like Billyburg street art has its very own SDS. As of this morning, we spotted the above Shepard Fairey Uncle-Sam-propaganda wheatpaste — the one that’s been presiding over a Grand-and-Bedford bodega brickface for a while […]

  • Last night at Micheline’s: Milwaukee party-rapper Juiceboxxx

    The evening was going badly. Last night in the stone-walled basement of Micheline’s under the JMZ, there were about 20 or so people staring blankly at a UK-hardcore DJ/MC duo from Riff Raff Crew. While the DJ spun what’s best described as tin-man farts, the aforementioned “emcee”—for argument’s sake, let’s just call him Skinny Young […]

  • Put this on your blogroll: a salad of Dada and psychedelia with sperm dressing

    Ryan McKinley’s Dash Bombing (2000) In this week’s New York Magazine, there’s a 6500-plus-words profile about elusive ex-graf-writer-cum-come-artist Dash Snow. Snow is also a founding member of the semi-legendary Irak crew, a close-knit group of NY “derels” (that’s derelicts to you) that included Whitney-featured photographer Ryan McGinley, artist Dan Colen, and Ace Boon Kunle (tag […]

  • What up. This is All City.

    This is what All City looks like after getting kicked out of the Greenpoint Tavern. Face found by Jessie Pascoe outside the Front Room Gallery in Williamsburg. First, a brief introduction. This here Web page is a weekday blog about NYC street culture. Street culture? We’re not sure what that means either, but it sounds […]