Author: Asher Luberto

  • F9: More Muscle Cars and More Muscular Heroes

    The films in the Fast and Furious franchise — somehow on its ninth installment — are nearly impossible to dislike. They may not always be good, but they are guaranteed to be exciting. The often silly and outrageous, exceedingly entertaining movies about muscle cars and muscular heroes continually find new ways to top each other. You […]

  • ‘In The Heights’ is a Vivacious Valentine to New York Latin Culture and Musical Cinema

    In the Heights was shot before the COVID-19 era, but there might not be a better movie to see in theaters as we attempt to move past the pandemic. Written and produced by Hamilton wunderkind Lin-Manuel Miranda, it’s a magnificently crafted and choreographed musical, and a vivacious valentine to Manhattan’s Washington Heights and the Latin culture that thrives […]

  • The Zombie League: Zack Snyder Slays With ‘Army Of The Dead’

    At this point, the name Zack Snyder signifies something very specific. Mostly, overly-violent, overtly operatic spectacles. We know there will be a hunky movie star saving the world (only because he has to). There will be eye-popping action and brain-numbing effects. There will be explosions. Does Army of the Dead break the mold? Heck no. Snyder wouldn’t […]

  • ‘Riders of Justice’ is Dadsploitation at Its Fiercest

    Dad movies are back, baby – the guns, the beards, the revenge. The dadsploitation genre is all the rage right now [see our review of Guy Ritchie’s latest Wrath of Man], and the Swedish action-thriller Riders of Justice is here to capitalize on the moment. Mads Mikkelsen stars as the scruffy hero in this gloriously violent Taken knockoff, doing his own […]

  • The ‘Mitchells Vs. The Machines’ – An Animation Marvel and a Heck of a Madcap Ride

    The Mitchells vs. The Machines is the textbook definition of wacky hijinks, and it might be the best animated film you’ll see this year. The latest from Phil Lord and Christopher Miller — written by Miller, Jeff Rowe and Mike Rianda — is somehow even wackier than the filmmakers’ previous works (The Lego Movie, Spider-Man: Into The […]

  • Tom Holland Goes for Broke(n) in Addiction Epic ‘Cherry’

    The Russo Brothers’ harrowing and hollow drug addiction drama, Cherry, utilizes the camera to re-create the mental effects of trauma and drug abuse. The movie is a visceral gut-punch, an aesthetic representation of a shattered mind, in which Tom Holland goes for broke as Cherry, in a role that asks him to navigate the highs and […]

  • History – But Not Hilarity – Repeats Itself In ‘Coming 2 America’

    In Hollywood, everything gets a sequel. As much as we whine about what’s being released these days, intellectual property rules because it’s easy to remake, reboot, restore. Remember Coming to America? How about more Coming to America, but with the same old jokes and the same old premise? Um, how about no? Eddie Murphy reprises his role […]

  • Sean Combs’ New Doc Has a Deeper ‘Story To Tell’ About Biggie Smalls

    Now streaming on Netflix, Emmett Malloy’s new documentary, Biggie: I Got a Story to Tell, is a hip-hop doc about the artist who created his own sound and became a staple of the genre. Much like Christopher Wallace himself, the film is a shot of adrenaline, humor, and personality. The film reflects the rapper’s work thanks […]

  • Powerful Performances in ‘Judas And The Black Messiah’ Bring Panthers To Life

    The descriptor “timely” is thrown around a lot these days, and it’s often a reach. But for filmmaker Shaka King, the director behind many episodes of High Maintenance and People on Earth as well as Hulu’s Shrill and Mulligans, “timely” seems the only word to describe his sophomore feature — the alive and electric Judas and the Black Messiah. It’s a film […]