Author: Araceli Cruz


    By the looks of it, Naomi Campbell approved of her Rick Gradone ’do—at least we didn’t hear of any scissor-throwing spat between the high-maintenance supermodel and her hairdresser. But tantrum or not, we’re sure that Gradone will have something to say about her and the slew of other celebs whose tresses he’s chopped up in […]


    “I want us all to remember how fucking awesome it was to see Jurassic Park for the first time,” director Donna Sellinger recalls producer Jared Paolini saying when they were planning Wham City’s theater production of Jurassic Park. But how can this little company possibly re-create stage versions of immense and scary dinosaurs? “Maybe with […]


    Monkey Town’s unique four-screen movie-house-and-dining-room setup is going to tested (in a good way) with a performance by musical artist Krts (a/k/a Kurtis Hairston). “People can expect the visual media and sound as a sensory overload, live!” he tells us. And even better, the evening will show Knox Harrington’s ’zine-turned-film, Day in the Lyfe, the […]


    TJ Miller, the guy with the camcorder who plays Hud in Cloverfield and is responsible for all the jerky footage in the monster flick supposedly giving half the country epileptic fits, isn’t very apologetic. “I’m sorry,” he says, “but you should have sat farther back.” The Second City alum says that unlike the insecure Hud, […]

  • 13th Rendez-Vous with French Cinema

    No need for an Air France ticket to find out what’s happening in French film. The 13th Rendez-Vous with French Cinema is featuring 15 films making their U.S. debut, directed by directors such as Cédric Klapisch (L’Auberge Espagnole), who will release Paris, starring Juliette Binoche, about a man awaiting a heart transplant. Also in the […]


    Though the ape is old, the thrill remains. Shake off your memories of Peter Jackson’s recent misguided remake and take in the original in all its glory: Film Forum celebrates the 75th anniversary of King Kong’s 1933 release, which took place at Radio City Music Hall and the RKO Roxy. Witness cutting-edge Depression-era special effects […]


    Snoop Dogg narrated 2005’s Letter to the President, a documentary that examines civil rights in the hip-hop era. The film features Chuck D, KRS-One, and Russell Simmons as it traces the influence of music on the post-MLK struggle for racial justice. Following the screening, writer Orlando Green of the National Hip-Hop Political Convention will lead […]


    We just want these comedians to have something to do The best part about the recently ended writers’ strike was that it lasted long enough for some idle comedians to go a little stir-crazy. And that meant lots of short videos produced on handheld camcorders collected at places like Will Farrell being harassed by […]


    Nathaniel Welch, photographer and friend of motorcycle enthusiast Jesse James, captured the grease monkey and welder in his new book, Jesse James and His Beautiful Machines. The 115 black-and-white photographs expose James in his natural habitat: his West Coast Choppers factory in Long Beach, California. “It’s an adrenaline-filled day for these guys, grinding and welding […]


    Thankfully, the Roots put on a very atypical hip-hop show: Long praised as the genre’s best live band, the six-member crew includes Kamal on keyboards, Hub on bass, F. Knuckles on percussion, Capt. Kirk on guitar, ?uestlove on drums, and Black Thought on vocals. As the best thing to come out of Philly since cheesesteak, […]