Author: Alicia Kennedy

  • Gabrielle Hamilton, San Pellegrino, and Fine Dining’s Boys Club

    June has been yet another banner month for discussing the role of women in the restaurant business, and for all the wrong reasons. On June 13, Prune chef-owner Gabrielle Hamilton and her co-chef wife, Ashley Merriman, announced that they would be partnering with accused sexual abuser Ken Friedman to take the place of former chef-partner […]

  • A Brooklyn Barkeep’s Illustrated Guide to New York Watering Holes

    John Tebeau lives the kind of life you thought was extinct in New York City. He spends three days a week behind the bar at Red Hook’s Fort Defiance, tending to a cast of regulars and visitors, many of whom have wandered in after a trip to IKEA, in dire need of booze. When he’s […]

  • In 2018, Tempeh’s Temptations Are More Than a Trend

    Awang Kitchen is a bright spot on Queens Boulevard in Elmhurst. Literally: It’s lit so strongly, you can spot it from afar while you drive hungrily down the street looking around for parking. The small space has a sushi bar to your right when you walk in, but everyone comes for the Indonesian food. Elmhurst […]

  • Feeling Sinful in Dirt Candy’s Garden of Eatin’

    Chef Amanda Cohen begins her day three times. There’s the first start, when she wakes up at 6 a.m. to exercise. At 10 a.m., it starts anew when she gets to Dirt Candy, her Lower East Side vegetarian restaurant, to do a kitchen walk-through, answer emails, and talk to Dirt writers like me on the […]

  • At Grant Achatz’s First New York Outpost, Spirits Takes Flight

    The only person who made pumpkin anything seem interesting this fall was Grant Achatz. With one Instagram picture of a crystal clear slice of pumpkin pie, the Chicago chef behind Alinea, Next, and the Aviary got the attention of the food-obsessed and Vogue. This is the man whose flagship restaurant serves you an edible balloon […]

  • Yes They Can! How the Queer Kitchen Brigade Is Coming to Puerto Rico’s Aid

    It was a recent Friday in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, and the mason jars were being used for their intended purpose. No one was lighting candles in them at an upstate barn wedding or filling them with beer: Here, at NEBHDCo’s kitchen, eight people worked as members of the Queer Kitchen Brigade to pickle and ferment local donated […]

  • At aRoqa, Come for the Cocktails, But Stay for the Cooking

    What do you like to drink?” chief mixologist Stephen Thomas asked on my first visit to Chelsea’s aRoqa. It’s a simple question that’s often difficult to answer. In response, I gave him a terrible project: a fruity rum drink, I’d said, or maybe something savory and boozy; never did I consider the twain could meet. […]

  • 48 Hours in Montreal


    Accessible in a day’s journey, Canada’s second largest city is just far enough away that you feel like you’re leaving New York behind — but close enough that you don’t have to spend a fortune getting there. Like New York, Montreal has a subway that makes it cheap and easy to get around, and it’s […]

  • Why Mezcal’s Moment is Really Right Now

    mezcal cocktail

    While mezcal’s newfound popularity may seem to have come out of nowhere, the agave-based spirit has been consumed in Mexico since the sixteenth century, when the Spanish came over and introduced distilling. That tequila you’ve been sipping (or swilling) is actually one type of mezcal. Tequila is made only from the hearts of the sugary […]

  • At His New Vegetarian Hotspot, Culinary Alchemist Jean-Georges Vongerichten Turns Green Into Gold

    ABC Vegetarian pronounces its vibe immediately. From the white walls and high ceilings to the soft-pink pastel of the servers’ shirts to the occasional sighting of a Ganesh statue, you can see this becoming the go-to lunch spot for wealthy yogis who wander over after a noon class at Dharma Yoga or Jivamukti. It practically […]