Author: Alexander Cockburn

  • The Avengers: Journalists of the Right Rejoice

    A happy new year to you, and now let’s lend an ear to some of our more prominent national commentators who have in the last few weeks or days proposed: • The mining of Iranian harbors; • The threatened mining of Cuban ports; • The theorem that opposition to General Haig’s appoint­ment is tantamount to […]

  • Money and Art Marry: Scull Sale at Sothebys

    I was in a house the other day, well stocked with art objects, where the latest prized collection of the collector was a hunk of raw beef, embalmed in a block of plastic. It looked revolting and consorted awkwardly with chinoiserie, impressionist paintings, Greek pots. and Columbian figures with which it was surrounded. But the […]

  • Beautiful Butchers: The Shah Serves Up Caviar and Torture

    The proof that torture can look better through a cham­pagne glass and taste better after a mouthful of caviar will be provided next Tues­day by the arrival in the United States of someone who can boast of a most notable achievement: He has made torturers chic. Though Hitler won the ad­miration of half the British […]

  • Why We Hate the Subways

    Alexander Cockburn Reports From Underground on the Humiliation of the People My experience of subways goes back to when I was two. The Germans were bombing London and my parents would hurry me down onto the platform of the St. John’s Wood underground station. It was one of the deepest in London. We would squat there […]

  • Rupert Murdoch Tells All

    His Secret Plan to Change the “Post” How He Wooed Dolly Schiff Why U.S. Journalists Are Lazy Why He Quit Britain What Makes Him Run  In an exclusive interview with me at the end of last week, Australian press baron Rupert Murdoch told all. Lounging in his plush Fifth Avenue apartment, sipping a Scotch and […]

  • The Media: Flacks for History

    The Media: Flacks for History August 1, 1974 WASHINGTON, D.C. — I sat for half an hour in the Judiciary Committee room last week and enjoyed a splendid view of the trousered area of a free-lance photographer. He was straining over me to take pictures of Caroline Kennedy. That’s not quite the story I’ll be […]