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PhenQ Review And Results: I Tried It For 30 Days & Here’s What Happened

*By SkinnyViews*


They say that PhenQ makes losing weight easy.

Which explains why they’ve sold to more than 190,000 customers around the world.

In fact, they claim it will stop cravings, increase energy, get rid of stubborn body fat, and help you lose weight, look hot and live your best life.

This all sounded amazing to me, so I made the purchase and bought some PhenQ for myself from the official website here.

Keep reading to learn more about PhenQ and see if it worked for me!

What Is PhenQ?

According to the makers, PhenQ is an entirely safe and natural weight loss supplement designed to make your weight loss journey as easy as possible.

They say it helps:

  • Rid your thirst for sugary and fatty foods.
  • Keep your appetite under control.
  • Increase your energy.
  • Free you of stored body fat.
  • Stop the body fat from coming back.
  • Enhance your mood.

As a dietary supplement, the best part is that PhenQ is safe for everyone – with no prescription necessary!

Curious how it works?

Let’s find out by taking a look at the ingredients:

Here’s a more in-depth look, including studies I found to back up each claim:

  • α-Lacys Reset Formula: this patented formula increases your metabolism, helping you burn fat at a quicker pace. The formula includes Cysteine, Magnesium, and Alpha-lipoic acid – the last of which is shown to aid in weight Those who participated in the clinical trials lost up to 7.24% body fat throughout the eight-week trial.
  • Capsimax Powder: thanks to this study, Capsimax Powder is shown to aid thermogenesis and increase fat loss when used in conjunction with a calorie-controlled diet. Capsimax Powder’s main ingredient, capsaicinoids, is also proven to improve everyday energy outflow by up to 50kcal/day.
  • Nopal: with its high fiber, the Nopal cactus aids in controlling your appetite and hunger, thereby helping you lower your daily calorie intake. As demonstrated in this study, high doses of dietary fiber are known to curb cravings for unhealthy foods.
  • Natural Caffeine: in this scientific study of thirteen randomized controlled trials, caffeine consumption was shown to generate fat loss, decrease fat mass, and increase energy and attention when joined with an exercise program.
  • Chromium Picolinate: throughout this 8-week study by Cornell University, chromium supplements were connected to decreased cravings and appetite restraint.

The studies are impressive but what do real people think?

PhenQ Reviews – What Are Customers Saying?

If you visit PhenQ’s website, you will see claims that the supplement has helped more than 190,000 people from 135 countries in their weight loss journeys.

Cue the deep dive into the testimonials left by real customers.

What were they saying?

Let’s take a look:

In just one month, Axelle lost 9 pounds thanks to PhenQ!

And Nicola not only lost 14 pounds in 9 weeks but also noticed her appetite was easier to control!

Meanwhile, Taiylah used PhenQ to lose a whopping 44 pounds!

If your thirst isn’t quenched yet, you can read more reviews on PhenQ’s official website!

My PhenQ Results – What Happened When I Tried It?

PhenQ tempted me with compelling evidence and positive customer reviews, so I purchased a 30-day supply of the weight loss supplement to try myself.

Here are my results:

  • Within an hour of my first dose, I felt more energized than usual. I spent that morning getting a lot of work done – something I usually have to battle myself to do!
  • Shortly after, I noticed my appetite decreased during lunch. I wasn’t hungry after, either!
  • When I finished work, I went on a run! I hadn’t done that in so long! The motivation was churning inside of me.
  • Then, instead of taking a nap (my usual go-to after work), I used my excess energy to cook a healthy dinner.
  • Throughout that first week, I was able to eat healthier without the struggle – and without (most of the) weight loss cravings!
  • I was also able to decrease my evening snacking.
  • When I reached two weeks in, I was surprised to feel my jeans were looser! It was obvious I was losing weight already.
  • And after 30 days, my reflection in the mirror showed a noticeable weight loss. When I checked the scale, I saw 7 pounds lost!
  • To make the journey even better, my friends and family started asking, “Have you lost weight?” Why yes, yes, I have!

I can’t lie – PhenQ made my weight loss journey 10x easier.

My evenings were not filled with carbs and sugary foods (because the cravings were gone!), and despite eating less, I was more alert and energetic.

So, if you want to achieve that “sexy beach body” by losing some weight, then I recommend giving PhenQ a try.

Obviously, it’s not a miracle supplement that shows visible results in 24 hours – but if you give it your all, the results are tremendous!

Just remember – this means adding exercise to your weekly (or daily) routine and striving to eat healthier.

If you do these things in combination with taking PhenQ, you’re sure to be more than satisfied with your results!

But if for some reason you are not, you can take advantage of the 60-day money-back guarantee – just shoot them an email or call them to get your money back!

If my review helped you come to a decision, that’s great!

Don’t forget you can read more PhenQ reviews here.

Or click the image below to go straight to the official PhenQ website and learn more about what it can do for you!

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