Masked Wolf, the Rapper Behind One of the Most Viral Hits of the Year

"No one’s used to being trapped in the house for a long time and you start getting depressed or down. And like, ‘Is this for real? Is this life?’"


Masked Wolf has one of the biggest songs of the year with “Astronaut in the Ocean,” and if you think you haven’t heard it yet, you have. Despite being released in 2019, the song became a massive sleeper-hit earlier this year thanks to TikTok and internet virality as a whole. With a popping remix of the track, featuring G-Eazy and DDG, out now and a project on the way, the 30-year-old Australian native is going nowhere but up from here.

With so little known about him, it feels like he came out of thin air with one of the hottest songs of the year, but Masked Wolf is no overnight success story. In fact, he’s been grinding for over a decade. On the latest episode of the Rockstar Experience podcast, we asked how he’s been with all his newfound success and the changes “Astronaut in the Ocean” has brought to his life.

“[Doing] good man. I’m still a bit overwhelmed by it all. Because I was that artist that grinded for over a decade. Trying to make it in the scene in Australia, and then all of the sudden one song changes your life, you know? It’s just crazy,” he explained.

With such a well-crafted and well-received hit under his belt, we found it important to explore Masked Wolf’s start as a rapper.

“So what made you want to start rapping? Can you tell us about your beginnings?” we asked.

“I never said that ‘I want to be a rapper,’ like that’s not how it started. It was more like I just wrote poems. I was into poetry and ballads and stuff like that and it just eventuated to me finding hip-hop. Or American hip-hop found me. I got like slapped in the face with Eminem, Kanye, G-Unit. I was a massive G-Unit fan when I was young,” he said.

Masked Wolf didn’t always have the distinct sound you hear on “Astronaut in the Ocean” or even the stage name Masked Wolf. During our convo, he told us more about how his sound changed over the years and even the way he wanted to push himself as an artist.

“When I started writing songs and stuff, I actually started religious rapping when I was like 15-16 and then, I wouldn’t say I grew out of it, but it was like, if I want to be known by multiple countries or just a broader area, I’m gonna have to like to try and make songs that will relate to everyone,” he explained.

“So I’m still religious here and there but it’s like, obviously what I make has meaning to it, and there’s a message. And yeah, that’s how it all started.”

One of the most unique and unusual things about Masked Wolf and his breakout song is that he released it 2 years ago and it didn’t get to its massive level of popularity or even blow up until earlier this year. “So, how does that feel? The delayed gratification of that,” we inquired.

“I mean, It is what it is. I think COVID was a small catalyst for it because it put people in shittier states mentally, being in lockdown. No one’s used to being trapped in the house for a long time and you start getting depressed or down. And like, ‘Is this for real? Is this life?’ And then you find that song [Astronaut in the Ocean] and you’re like ‘What the hell?’” He elaborated.

“And then you find out what it’s about and you’re like, ‘Holy shit, that’s how I’m feeling.’ The two-year thing, I’ve always said, ‘it is what it is.’ Like, the song doesn’t have to blow up straight away.”

With a song blowing up so quickly as it did, one can only imagine just how fast the breakout artist’s life can change in just a matter of months. After over a decade of grinding at his craft, this kind of success is something few artists ever achieve.

“How has your life changed? How does it feel?” he was asked.

“It’s just good to not work to be honest. Like, as in a 9-to-5. I worked full-time for 11 years. So, that took a toll on me. It’s just a point where I was completely over that because I wanted to do music so bad,” he said.

During our talk with Masked Wolf, he spoke to us about some upcoming music he has and the artists he still wants to work with.

Although we focused heavily on his monumental hit, we were not remiss in asking what other musical aspirations Wolf holds. He informed us about his newest record “Gravity Glidin” and how it came about.

“It’s basically just my ode to Astro[naut in the ocean]. A lot of people have said it’s ‘Astro 2.0’, but it’s more hip-hop, it’s more Joyner Lucas. It’s more like ‘Rap Caviar’ in your face, hardcore rap,” he explained. “It’s just basically about, I mean, Gravity Glidin. It’s like me saying, ‘I’ve now made it to space.’ I’m chilling and gliding through. I’m where I’m supposed to be and it’s kind of like the thanks to ‘Astro.’ Like ‘Astro’ put me there.”   ❖

Be sure to stream Masked Wolf’s new single, “Gravity Glidin,” on all streaming services and to follow him on all social media to keep up with him and his latest releases. Check out our entire convo with Masked Wolf on the newest episode of The Rockstar Experience, out now on all platforms!

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