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BlueMagic Group: Using State-of-the-Art Technology and Treatment Methods to Deliver High-Quality Results


Technology is evolving at an unprecedented pace. From new inventions to multiple updates in the old ones, transformation has picked up speed when it comes to technological innovations. This has had a marked effect on how we live. The problems of yesterday have inspired innovations that are now breeding new and improved solutions. One company that’s making the most of this age of advancement is Blue Magic Group. Its use of state-of-the-art technology and treatment methods is making many heads turn (and transform) in Istanbul, London, and even Albania.

Hair loss has affected the lives of millions in the last few centuries. As our sense of a cultured person grows, interestingly, a good set of hair sitting atop an interesting brain has acquired its own place in popular opinion. However, what was once a problem left to the times is slowly reconsidering its presence in our world thanks to names such as BlueMagic Group. Pasquale Minasi, the company’s CEO and founder, sheds light on what makes them tick: “At BlueMagic Group, we specialize in carrying out high-quality Micro FUE Sapphire and DHI Choi pen hair transplants, along with the best PRP treatments. We only employ the latest technologies and treatment methods to deliver the best possible outcomes for all our male and female patients. Our methods not only yield results but also maintain the utmost levels of safety in order to exceed customer expectations.”

The hair transplantation industry is evolving rapidly. Blue Magic Group aims to lead the bandwagon when it comes to precision methodology and advanced mechanisms. For instance, its DHI technique “uses an advanced instrument, shaped just like a pen, which can directly implant the hair follicles. This enables us to reach places which were earlier impossible to touch, thus allowing a much more natural outcome while also improving the survival rate of the follicle once it has been implanted,” shares Pasquale.

The company’s website carries several testimonial images of its clients. In a before-after collection, it’s easy to see the difference that the transplant has brought to many young faces. With technology improving leaps and bounds, BlueMagic Group stands at the precipice of discoveries and enhancements which, when combined with strong moral values and guiding ethics, can drastically improve the quality of the lives of their customers.

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