Neighborhoods Week 2018: The Voice Takes You on Our Annual Tour of the Five Boroughs


Nobody can truly say how many neighborhoods New York City has — last year’s Voice neighborhoods week coverage estimated 303, the city’s official website just says “hundreds.” Ultimately, it depends on where you draw the line between, say, Kingsbridge and Kingsbridge Heights.

But however you choose to number them, neighborhoods are what give our city its richness of character, both in the foods and sights they provide visitors, and in the diverse communities of residents that combine to make them not just places but homes. In a city riven by gentrification and displacement of the poor by the wealthy (and the darker by the paler), it can be a careful balancing act to appreciate our neighbors without coveting what they have; here’s hoping that better getting to know New York City’s districts can inspire us to bring our communities together instead of tearing them apart.


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