News Roundup

Teens Own the Mayor, Newsweek Teeters on the Brink


Rude teens laid waste to Mayor de Blasio at a town hall he held last night on how to prevent violence in schools, telling him they were tired of metal detectors, school safety officers, and a lack of guidance counselors.

• Perhaps the mayor will have better luck with the crowd of olds at South by Southwest, where he will appear on an anti-Trump panel. Lol remember when SXSW was a cool music festival?

• Department of Transportation commissioner Polly Trottenberg said that 9th Street in Park Slope, the scene of a fatal car crash earlier this week, will be redesigned with pedestrian islands, protected bike lanes, and other safety features “as soon as the weather permits.” Which could mean anytime between next week and September, given the weather we’ve been having.

• In a recent secretly recorded meeting, a Newsweek executive told the magazine’s top editors that the publication is teetering on the edge of financial abyss and might have to close in a matter of weeks.

• The MTA continues to face an accessibility problem at its stations; many still don’t have elevators, and those that do have seen their elevator service deteriorate. Yet the agency has failed to fill all the elevator maintenance positions it’s budgeted for.

• The president is now threatening to straight-up veto any spending package that includes money for the Gateway train tunnel between New York and New Jersey, and Trump defender and Long Island representative Peter King just can’t believe his friend would knife us like that.

• On the other hand, the federal government sees no problem with helping a New Jersey town launch a ferry service that would happen to bring New Yorkers to a pier right next to a Kushner-owned condo resort.

• Someone went and ranked the “39 New York City Bridges That Matter,” which is certainly something that you can do.

• Rent-stabilized tenants and the landlords who own their apartments are gearing up for their annual fight in front of the Rent Guidelines Board, as it determines how much to raise the rent in said apartments.

• NYC-area Uber and Lyft drivers say they usually make more money on the platforms than the less than $4 per hour cited in a recent MIT study, but life in the gig economy around here still doesn’t sound very good.

• State Senator Marty Golden’s Bay Ridge constituents don’t care for his idea to bring airport-style full-body scanners to schools, and the reporter who wrote the story didn’t much care for a Golden staffer trying to claim that the senator wasn’t asked for comment (which he was, many times).

• A Republican state senator has endorsed the idea of sports gambling, which will finally allow me to lose money on the Mets outside of paying for tickets.