Hannibal Buress: Your Neighborhood Ambassador to Williamsburg


(As told to Zoë Beery)

Hannibal Buress, Eric André Show co-star

Commodore (366 Metropolitan Avenue) is a good start, because I go there after Knitting Factory shows. Their chicken sandwich is good. They have some good DJs sometimes. Bartenders are cool. It’s a good spot.

I like playing drunk Skee-Ball at the Skee-Ball bar, Full Circle (318 Grand Street). I’ll stop in there before going home. It’s the best time to play, when there’s nobody else there. Sometimes it’s free — that’s great; there’s no stakes when it’s free. I just shoot for the 100s. And sometimes I kill it and get a 680 or something like that. Sporadically skilled.

I like Dokebi‘s Korean joint (199 Grand Street). I been going there for a while, whenever somebody’s visiting town, they want to have lunch, or doing an interview, or a meeting. They bring out a bunch of appetizers — whenever you order something, six or seven different things. And I get the bibimbap in the sizzling bowl. I been going there for like six years — that’s my go-to spot.

I like seeing movies at Nitehawk (136 Metropolitan Avenue). I’ll go there sometimes without knowing anything about a movie — I’ll just see what’s going on at four o’clock. I’ve seen some weird shit there that’s kind of off the radar. If a movie’s really long, then having food and drinks shoved in your face all night long makes the time pass better.

BK Wearhouse (175 Roebling Street) has streetwear T-shirts and off-market or limited- edition shoes. I went there a couple weeks ago and I bought four pairs of shoes. They have a good selection, and the dude is nice.

I watched a couple of the NBA playoff games at Mulholland’s (312 Grand Street) — it’s a good sports bar, they have good wings, good burgers. If it’s not a super-popular event happening where they gotta have all the TVs on it, you can request an obscure-ass basketball game — “I think Charlotte versus Utah is on, can you put that on?” Then you sit in your corner and you watch that.