Happy Second Birthday, Discwoman!


Discwoman is an all-women DJ collective founded by Frankie Hutchinson, Christine Tran, and Emma Burgess-Olson (who DJs as UMFANG). Forming like Voltron for protection and camaraderie, their tribe exists to make sure more women get booked in an industry with an embarrassingly skewed gender balance. And this weekend, they’re turning two — a number that’s almost impossibly low to believe, considering how influential they’ve become in those 24 months.

Hutchinson and Burgess-Olson met at Bushwick techno dive Bossa Nova Civic Club in 2013, bonding over Burgess-Olson’s set. They threw their first party at the club in 2014, packing it with sets from Shannon Funchess and Lauren Flax, alongside Discwoman members Volvox, Lauren Dillard, and UMFANG. They continued with a monthly party there while quickly expanding across the city, the East Coast, and eventually the world. They’ve taken their handful of clients (BEARCAT, DJ Haram, UMFANG, and Volvox) on tours of Europe, the West Coast, Miami, and Puerto Rico, bringing along women DJs like Uchi (Miami), Gera (PR), Lady Liquid (PR), Payola Isabel (PR), Fiasco (BK/PR), and Ana Lola Roman (BK).

Discwoman fans may remember the hours-long line a year later for their first birthday party, at Bossa Nova, with Juliana Huxtable and deep house legend Honey Dijon ensuring the room remained at capacity. The crew is taking its second anniversary party to Sugar Hill Disco in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. Footwork DJ Jlin, Bergsonist, and Toronto’s CL will be in the house, as will Papi Juice and the Bronx’s Quay Dash, Stud1nt, and 808 resident DJ Turtle Bugg. So head down tomorrow night and raise a glass to this trio, who have more than proven that if you can’t find dope women to DJ your parties, you’re not looking hard enough.

Discwoman’s two-year anniversary party begins at 10 p.m. on October 8.