10 Winning Places in NYC to Eat, Drink, and Watch Super Bowl 50


We have a legible Super Bowl title this year — finally. Distracting Roman numerals be damned! Super Bowl “50″ will occupy living rooms, restaurants, and bars this Sunday and various questions abound: Will this be the final game for All-American hero Peyton Manning before he retires into the sunset? Is this the coming out party for the fresh quarterback stud Cam Newton, a player who’s dabbed his way into the soul of the South? Most of all, where are the best places and deals for face-stuffing in between the commercials whose production cost more than the yearly rent of your entire apartment complex?

Consider this list your Joe Buck-style culinary play-by-play:

Ambrose Beer and Lobster (18 Fulton Street, 212-480-0301) In a sea of fried foods, why not consider the lobster? This South Street Seaport hub plans to offer a Super Bowl special of four lobster rolls, two orders of fries with a pitcher of beer for $99. Also included: beer pong.

Syndicated (40 Bogart Street, Brooklyn; 718-386-3399) At its core, the Super Bowl is a theatrical event with tons of booze on the side. The new restaurant/bar/independent movie theater Syndicated understands this and is offering two specialty cocktails for the occasion: a Colorado Bulldog (vodka, Kahlua, and a splash of cream, topped with Coca-Cola) for the Broncos and an Ice Pick (iced tea, vodka and lemon juice) for the Panthers. Plus, due to overwhelming demand, the theater will air the Super Bowl on the big screen.

Mustang Harry’s (352 7th Avenue, 212-268-8930) The difference between a mustang and a bronco is slight (the former is free-roaming while the latter remains untamed) but the similarities between Mustang Harry’s and the Mile High City are strong. For the past five seasons, this pub around the corner from MSG has been the definitive Broncos bar in New York City. Clad in orange and blue, fans of Manning and Co. shall trek no further than midtown Manhattan.

Amity Hall (80 West 3rd Street, 212-677-2290) They call themselves the Big Apple Riot. Panthers fans congregate on Sundays at the Greenwich Village spot Amity Hall, where a Carolina blue-hued light illuminates the top of the bar. Here you’ll find beer-brand sponsored prizes and giveaways for this Sunday’s game time, but the menu is remaining consistent – and for good reason: “We are going with the exact same specials we always go with so we don’t jinx anything,” says co-owner Dave McCarthy. Superstations are crazy only if they don’t work out.

Miss Lily’s (132 West Houston Street/109 Avenue A, 646-588-5375) Sometimes the best seat in the bar can’t compare to the La-Z-Boy in your own apartment. There are heaps of catering opportunities throughout the city, but for those in the Village, look no further than Miss Lily’s Jamaican-inspired cuisine. The $220 “Super Deal” feeds ten and includes two dozen jerk wings, ten pieces of jerk corn, and ten coconut cupcakes. You might be cutting it close by ordering a few days before the big game, but a fourth quarter hustle is always worth a try.

The Gander (15 West 18th Street, 212-229-9500) Last year saw the debut of the Gander Bowl and chef Jesse Schenker seems determined to return to it with sophomore tenacity. Upping the price tag ten bucks to $65 this year, The Gander is making every dollar count with its all-you-can-eat-and-drink party featuring the undisputed classics: wings, sliders, ribs, and mac ‘n’ cheese with all the beer and punch bowls a gut can take.

Haven Rooftop (132 West 47th Street, 212-466-9000) The last time the Broncos were at this dance – Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014 – the Seahawks dismantled them 43-8. If something of this caliber were to occur again, the bar in which to see it would be this Times Square venue. The views off to the side of the TV screen are spectacular. One hundred smackeroos gets you price of admission, open bar, and an à la carte menu after half time, but the supreme metropolitan skyline sights are on the house.

Pork Slope (247 5th Avenue, Brooklyn; 718-768-7675) This Park Slope pork house wears its meat on its sleeve. For the Super Bowl, that sleeve is getting a whole lot heftier. A $50 all-you-can-eat-and-drink special will be offered for eating in, as well as a three-tier take-out package. From $50 to $150, the offerings cover all the basics from wings to sliders.

TY Bar Four Seasons Hotel (57 East 57th Street, 212-758-5700) Elegant attire and mesh jerseys seldom mix, but the Four Season’s luxurious TY Bar aims to blend the two with their Super Bowl soirée. Sporting a hi-def screen measuring 12 by 12 feet (a self-proclaimed “largest in the city”), TY Bar has also created a “Versus Menu” inspired by each team and their hometown. Panthers have their pulled pork sliders with hush puppies while the Broncos are represented by bison cheeseburgers and spiced lamb skewers.

The Standard Biergarten (848 Washington Street, 212-645-4646) A biergarten seems like the most suitable spot for a football watch party: Large tables for a gaggle of fans, sodium-rich snacks, and beer by the liter are the appropriate ingredients for an afternoon by the TV. The folks at Standard Biergarten realized this potential and are booking eight-person tables with a $500 spending minimum. Jumbo pretzels and bratwursts will be in high supply with the promise of prizes, games, and “t-shirt gun fun.”