On Tour This Weekend – Barcelona Garage Beer Collabs with Other Half Brewing


The brewers and brews of Garage Beer Company are on tour this weekend throughout Manhattan. For craft beer enthusiasts, it’s a rare opportunity to experience award-winning fermented beverages from the Barcelona-based microbrewery. Celebrating their arrival on our shores, Brooklyn’s own Other Half Brewing collaborated with GBC on a special one-off called “In Green We Trust.” It’s on tap this Saturday afternoon at Fool’s Gold in the Lower East Side. Here’s why you should be excited to try it.

In Green We Trust is a sessionable, 4.7% A.B.V. India Pale Ale, brewed with Mosaic, Palisade, and Horizon hops. If you’re not familiar with those varietals, think tropical fruit; mangos, kiwis — even dragonfruit. Now think floral aromas, and a soothing, bitter finish. Now imagine how pleasant a pint will taste. The liquid, which just made its rounds in select markets of Western Europe, is the first joint venture between Garage Beer and an outside brewery.

Although the craft beer scene in contemporary Barcelona is hardly on par with, say, 2015 Brooklyn, the Spanish city is gaining ground, and their diverse offerings are already worthy of significant merit. For the Garage Beer brewers, a foray into the Big Apple provides an invaluable learning experience, soaking up some of the New World Knowledge that folks like Other Half brewmaster Sam Richardson have to offer. But that feedback goes both ways. To gain better understanding of how they’re approaching craft beer on that side of the pond, this weekend presents a unique opportunity to chat up cutting-edge Spanish sudmakers.

If you can’t make it to lower Manhattan tomorrow, the Garage Beer gang head up to Bondurants in the Upper East Side on Sunday, where they’ll tap whatever magic they have left in the toolkit, before heading back to Catalonia. The Fool’s Gold event kicks off tomorrow at 5 p.m; Bondurants is at the same time on Sunday.