Here Are Your Non-Racist Suggestions for a New Seal for Whitesboro, New York


I got you my Native American brothas! #TurningTheTables #AJCares #IfDontNobodyElseCare #Whitesboro #WhitesboroPlusOne #TakeBackTheLand #Chokehold

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Last week we asked you for your own non-racist designs for the village seal of Whitesboro, New York, because, while the mayor says it’s not racist, a lot of people disagree.

And on Monday, Indian Country Network reported that a Whitesboro-based stand-up comic, AJ Foster, along with fellow comic Larry O’Grady, re-enacted the scene on the infamous seal, albeit with the roles sort of reversed, as you can see above.

Here are some of the more memorable submissions we received — and if you’re still polishing up your own version, feel free to send it to and we’ll add it here.

Here’s a very sensible one from a reader named Mike:

Here’s one that keeps wrestling front and center, albeit of a different sort than the “friendly wrestling match” on the current seal:

This one now features an act of physical love:

Perhaps easiest for the town’s graphic designers, maybe they will consider simply rotating the illustration a few degrees to the left so the image is of a friendlier scene. It’s like they’re dancing!

Finally, a pair of seals that feature the male physique. First, someone has taken the extra step of adding “tighty” instead of “village of” on the seal (and tweaking the name of the town) and swapping in a man in said tighty-whiteys (although they seem like more of a sky-blue color).

The same reader also sent in this one, called “Tom of Whitesboro”:

Think you can do better? Email us your proposed non-racist designs for the village of Whitesboro, New York: