Atlas Obscura, David Plotz’s National Geographic–like compendium of curios, just raised itself a cool $2 million in funding. The result? More feature-length articles, a 2016 book on the horizon, and more cool excursions. Way more, actually. Today’s first annual Obscura Day comprises 150 events in 39 states and 25 countries, from Ecuador to Armenia to Ghana. Some of the most promising, however, are happening right here in town, around Obscura‘s home base in Brooklyn. Explore Dead Horse Bay and the Army Terminal, or sit in on a concert at the Robotic Church. Embark on the “Islands of Undesirables Cruise” to New York’s historical penal, quarantine, and asylum islands, or just stop in for some free pinball at the hidden arcade in the back of Greenpoint’s Sunshine Laundromat. Your options only expand if you’re willing to venture out of the city. Jiggle over to LeRoy, New York, for a tour of the Jell-O Gallery, or to Hartsdale to pay your respects at the pet cemetery. Various times and locations.

Sat., May 30, 9 a.m., 2015