How to Make a Pimm’s Cup, the Ultimate Summer Sipper


New Yorkers may be more accustomed to the traditions of the U.S. Open (like trekking out to Flushing Meadows on the Long Island Rail Road with a beer), but it’s Wimbledon that inspires Cooper’s Craft & Kitchen (87 Second Avenue; 646-606-2384 and 169 Eighth Avenue; 646-661-7711) owner David Clarke.

At the annual tennis championship in London, the Pimm’s cup is the drink of choice for locals and tourists alike. Tennis or no, it’s a refreshing quaff for outdoor sipping, but finding it here in New York can be a little bit more of a challenge. So Clarke put one on the menu at Cooper’s. “We’ve been open over three years, and we’ve always had a Pimm’s cup, no matter what the season was,” he says. “We think it’s the perfect summer cocktail.”

The drink is made with fresh mint, cucumber, and plenty of citrus. It’s a light cocktail good for any time of day. “I look at it from the nutritional value now,” says Clarke, adding that it’s a good source of vitamin C. “It’s definitely one of the more approachable cocktails. It’s a drink that should be enjoyed over and over again.”

And it fits Clarke’s vision for Cooper’s: When he decided to open a bar and a restaurant in Manhattan, he wanted to mix tradition with a fresh take on cocktails and beer. He found inspiration at Attaboy, which is where he drinks a Pimm’s cup if he’s not sipping one at his own bar.

Pimm’s Cup by David Clarke

2 oz Pimm’s
1 fresh strawberry
1 slice fresh cucumber
1 sprig of fresh mint
1 lime wedge
1 lemon wedge
1 orange slice

Place the strawberry, cucumber, mint, and citrus in a tall glass. Add the Pimm’s and ice. Top off with lemon lime soda and stir.

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