Quebec guards its French identity faithfully, but its music long ago mixed with styles imported by Scottish and Irish soldiers and settlers who helped Britain establish a permanent foothold in Canada. The two bands the French Connection festival comprises vividly remind listeners of the province’s hybrid character. Le Bruit Court Dans la Ville (The Word Around Town) consists of Lisa Ornstein (fiddle), Normand Miron (button accordion), and André Marchand (guitar), folk veterans who embody Québécois music’s community-enhancing front-porch sound. Dancer-musicologist Pierre Chartrand joins them at tonight’s party. On Saturday, Le Vent du Nord (The Northern Wind), a younger quartet with several fine albums under their collective belt, put on a lively stage show and perform traditional tunes with contemporary verve and originals with timeless verve.

April 10-11, 8 p.m., 2015

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