Nearly every Monday night for six years, Barbès house band Chicha Libre smushed together surf guitar, acid accordion, and Afro-Caribbean rhythms into some of the city’s most intelligently entrancing live dance music. After two wonderful albums and the satisfaction of having almost single-handedly revived the Peruvian cumbia variation known as “chicha” from ghetto obscurity, the sextet founded by club owners Olivier Conan and Vincent Douglas are hanging up their collective güiro for the foreseeable future (one percussionist moved to India, the accordionist to Virginia). The band’s going out with a bang, however, and tonight’s “last cumbion,” in one of Brooklyn’s best new performance spaces, will feature sets by Los Crema Paraiso and Sonido Chichadelico in addition to Chicha Libre’s suavecito swan song.

Fri., Nov. 21, 7 p.m., 2014