Your Beer of the Week Is a Really, Really Red Ale for the Koch Brothers


Late Tuesday night the Empire State Building went red in honor of most of the country doing the same, earlier in the afternoon at the polls. Yes, Election Day was a resounding victory for the GOP, as they regained control of the Senate for the first time in eight years while also sending many a democratic Governor packing across our fine land.

Of course it remains to be seen who will ultimately benefit from these midterms, but it’s safe to assume that there are at least two individuals in a particularly giddy mood as of this writing. Since they have billions of reasons to enjoy a nice cold one, this week’s Beer in Headlights is dedicated to the Brothers Koch, the undisputed champions of Election Day.

But what beer could possibly be of special interest to the men who have everything? Easy. A beer honoring their favorite color. We’re looking for something red. Like, really red. Obnoxiously so. Unfiltered, preferably, so that it remains hazy in the bottle. The Koch’s hate transparency…in their beer.

River Horse Brewing Company, out of Ewing, New Jersey, brews one of the best red-hued, slightly opaque suds soft money can buy; a somewhat secret Special Ale. A select few people know about this beer. They’ve heard of it, sure. Yet do they really know what it stands for?

On its website, the brewery describes what goes into the year-round offering: “a variety of specialty malts are the backbone of the American Amber Ale.” And since a variety of special interests are the backbone of American democracy, our fraternal friends are bound to enjoy a pint of this pleasantly crisp and dry 4.5 percent offering. But if your bank account isn’t of Kochian magnitude, you’ll certainly appreciate that PACS of six of the Special retail for just $8.99.

River Horse Brewing’s Special Ale is also available throughout the city on draft, so be sure to lobby your bartender for one. The Koch brothers would have it no other way.